Will of the Ancients!

Through a google search I found this site. It shared the phrase “Will of the Ancients”. I don’t exactly know what signifigance “WOTA” has but oddly enough it’s the name of my band.
So can anyone tell me the signifigance? I’m just wondering. Sounds…epic!


Heh, I had seen your band’s website in the past by doing the same thing you did to find this one. Welcome to TWOTA.

Ignore the rest of my post if by the time you come back you see a lengthy-ish following post by the likes of Robert, Geoffrey, Solo, Lance, Arcie or D-Unit as they would be much better in describing the story than I am.

The short version would be this:

Panzer Dragoon is a series of games created by Sega originally for their now defunct Sega Saturn system. They shared a deep storyline that dealt with a fantasy post apocalyptic world, devastated by wars of the past with mankind left in a nearly primitive state.

Amidst that, remain Ancient Towers, other machinery, and biological weapons - not in today’s sense but actual creatures - which basically keep mankind under a sort of birth control system as well as slowly restore the planet’s “health” after the damage it has endured.
All this, and more (a rather complex plan they had that involved their return to dominate the healed planet) is basically “The Will of the Ancients”, the people that lived in this fantasy world in the past and were the reason of its destruction and the reason for mankind’s current state.

The games deal with various factions in the present state of this world:

The Empire which wants to learn the secrets of the Ancients and take over the world - and they’ve been doing a pretty good job of it.

The Seekers which oppose The Empire and also wish to learn the secrets of The Ancients - but in order to free the world from their will.

Various still active machinery (mainly Towers), drones (humanlike creatures), and bio-monsters that carry on their ancient masters’ will.

The ancient dragon which for unknown reasons opposes The Ancients as well (atleast sometimes… or so we think… there are many many different theories)

The player which gets involved in all this in a different fashion in every game and ends up riding the dragon to mankind’s rescue either from immediate or long term threats. Most usually meeting with The Empire’s forces somewhere in the middle and making a mess of it as well as of any ancient creatures and devices that get in their way :slight_smile:

Anyway, this is way too short and I’m not very good in explaining so hopefully another member with better skills in english (I’m Greek) and writing in general will try to do it as well. This is a very simplistic explanation either way that ignores many facts which would take way too long to explain fully despite being only the few necessary plot basics.

Overall, it’s a very deep and complex storyline that is sure to entertain with its many plot twists and mysteries and cause lots of day dreaming as you can see from the number of fan created theories and articles found on the TWOTA website :anjou_love:

Take a look at this other website (its awesome history section mainly) created by another forum member (D-Unit) when you feel like reading up in more detail:

Another attraction of the games was/is their superb art direction and just as beautiful soundtracks.

More recently a new game in the series was released for Microsoft’s X-Box titled Panzer Dragoon Orta, however most fans agree that it doesn’t live up to the premise of the original games - though it’s a pretty decent piece of retro gaming by itself.

that IS epic!

considering i’m a huge video game/fantasy nerd, and my band just happens to be named WOTA. I just find this all terribly amusing! I might just have to look into these games. Are they out on anything besides Sega Saturn and X box?

If anyone is into heavy metal check us out, we’re all about Epic shit and ancient wars and crazy fantasy stories.

Sadly the games haven’t appeared on any other real system. There was a crappy version for Sega’s (again now defunct) Game Gear and some (again crappy) tiger small handhelds.

However a remake of the original 1996 game is currently in development for Sony’s PS2, I must add though that this was the weakest of the series as far as storyline is concerned. And we don’t know how good the remake will turn out since it won’t be exactly the same development team (just the same company).

If the story interests you you can read the full story of all the games in the series (apart from the Xbox one I think, not sure) on that website I linked you in my previous post.

Cos I doubt it will be easy for you to find the actual games - or be interested enough to buy them considering how hard they are to find and that the price of the third game in the series goes for about $200 on ebay these days due to its limited numbers and the fact it has been raised to the cult hit status…

I’m sure everyone here will be happy to check out your stuff :slight_smile:

Haha, that’s awesome, a Metal band with that name (though I can’t say I’m surprised). I’m checking your stuff out now, man.

To be short, here’s a list of all of the games I know of and the systems, just so you know:

Panzer Dragoon (Sega Saturn)
Panzer Dragoon (PC)
Panzer Dragoon (X-Box, Unlockable)
Panzer Dragoon (PS2, in the making)
Panzer Dragoon Zwei (Sega Saturn)
Panzer Dragoon Saga (Sega Saturn)
Panzer Dragoon Orta (X-Box)
Panzer Dragoon Mini (Game Gear)
Panzer Dragoon (Tiger Handheld)

So as you can see, it’s release was relatively exclusive. If you’re actually interested, don’t be too deterred by Al3x’s post. In truth, getting your hands on a Sega Saturn and the first two Panzer Dragoon games is quite easy. In fact, you can usually find the original Panzer Dragoon (the Sega Saturn version) on Amazon.com or eBay. A Saturn will run you an average of $50, though some people sell it for much cheaper, and others, for a much higher price, and some will even come with games (anywhere from one or two to several dozen). Panzer Dragoon Zwei (the second game) can usually be found on eBay for about $10, sometimes less, for any country - European, US or Japanese. You can even find bundles of the first two games. Orta you can buy at most local stores. Or, you could get one of the games, and then use a Sega Saturn emulator (though this may be quite a lot of trouble, and will give the game a “downgrade” in some ways). What Al3x said about the third game is true, though; Panzer Dragoon Saga goes for $150 to $250, sometimes even higher, on eBay - that is, a US copy does. Very few of these were produced. However, you can get a Japanese version or a European version of this game for a considerably lower price. So if you can read Japanese, or you get a version from an English speaking country (I’m not sure how they did Saga in a bunch of other countries), you should be just fine.

It might be a little work, and might cost you a bit, but if you search around, the games aren’t TOO difficult to find, and sometimes aren’t too expensive.

Now then, I’m listening to the second song from your band - not too bad! It is quite funny that a Metal band (my favorite genre) would have the same name and stumble onto a Panzer Dragoon forum (my favorite game). Haha. Anyway, I hope that bit helps!

Umm are you sure about european copies being cheaper? Cos I’m pretty sure they have about the same price and that they also are on limited supply just like the US version. Otherwise, why would any American pay a ridiculous ($200+) price instead of get his Saturn modded to play european copies?

And yes I’m aware that the first two games are easier to find but then again, the first two of the series aren’t really going so deep into the storyline (the first one almost doesn’t at all), and if the reason one gets interested in this on first place is the storyline then he will find too little of it on PDZwei.

With that said, PDZei is one of my favorite games ever and I’m not trying to make it sound like less, I’m just talking about how someone who hasn’t been in contact with the games before might feel.

Quite sure, actually. I’ve priced European versions of Saga few times, and usually, it comes up pretty cheap (between $30 and $70, sometimes less). There are two copies on eBay right now, one going for $48.40 (but the reserve isn’t met) and another for about $100. Of course, the second one is closer to the US version’s price, and there are versions of the US one that go for cheaper prices, but it seems to be more common for European versions go for under $100 than American ones. eBay doesn’t seem to have much right now, but if you watch it, you can usually find European ones relatively cheap.

As for why people would spend $200+ for a US version rather than just modding their Saturn, I suppose people either don’t know of the option, or just don’t want to risk modifying their Saturn since some people consider it to be a “rare” console. I’m not sure how much a PAL Saturn goes for on eBay, but US ones usually don’t seem to sell too high, so I don’t see how it would be too unreasonable for someone to buy an extra console to modify.

Of course, you’re absolutely right that PDZwei doesn’t have as much of a story; but I think these games certainly stand on their own legs. I’m sure the thread starter would even find the game fun on it’s own merits, though it is hard to truly appreciate the series without playing through Saga.

Bah, I had a longer, better written version of this post, but the browser crashed, so I had to rewrite it and didn’t feel like going into as much detail. :anjou_angry: Ah well. If you watch eBay, you’ll probably see some copies (US and European) go for relatively cheap. Naturally, Japanese versions are the least expensive.

Edit: Would be pretty cool to hear a Metal band based around the Panzer storyline. Haha, probably not the best, but it’d still be neat.

Well hey, there are loads of metal bands that sing about Tolkien’s tales. Panzer Dragoon would work methinks.

LMAO, “EPIC shit”.

So, I took an epic shit this morning.

Oh my god, thank you, you’ve made my day.

[quote=“U K Narayan”]LMAO, “EPIC shit”.

So, I took an epic shit this morning.

Oh my god, thank you, you’ve made my day.[/quote]

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[quote=“U K Narayan”]LMAO, “EPIC shit”.

So, I took an epic[/quote]

shit this morning.

Oh my god, thank you, you’ve made my day.
Get some silver, man.[/quote]

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Bah, you guys scared him off by now probably. Shame, a metal band visiting here (or rather a member of one) could make us feel a bit de-geekified… Oh well :stuck_out_tongue:

Naw. He’ll recognise the banter we have and be hooked =D


You’ve made my day, and I haven’t even gone to school yet!

Come on man, relax - we’re all friends here. Go level up a little.

[quote=“U K Narayan”]LMAO, “EPIC shit”.

So, I took an epic shit this morning.

Oh my god, thank you, you’ve made my day.[/quote]

hahahah that was wicked

Welcome to the forums, Will of the Ancients.

There was another topic about your site I seem to remember, although it was a while ago. The only thing that I remember clearly about it though is Neil going on about how we shouldn’t do anything to piss you off as “you never know what these heavy metal guys will do”. Glad you’ve finally found your way here. :wink:

Yep. The Panzer Dragoon games are all incredible. Good luck trying to find a way to experience the series. Orta is the most easily accessible if you have an X Box.

I’m starting to have my doubts about the remake of Panzer Dragoon. I finally got my hands on another Saturn that actually works and after playing Panzer Dragoon, I realized that the unlockable game on Orta didn’t do the game justice. Something about it felt. . . off. Who else feels this way?

Umm, it’s a PC port, that then became an X-Box port (it’s identical to the original PC port as far as I know), so, yeah, the quality isn’t the same as it was on the Saturn considering it’s a)ancient and b)sega never really did much with the PC. I don’t see how that can be related in any way to a remake of the game though. I mean, I’d relate it more to how Orta turned out rather than to some port since it’s re-making the game and not porting it…

Al3x is right, it’s a PC port. I have the PC version, Saturn version and ported version on the Xbox, and the Saturn one is definitely the best. The game just runs smoother and the controls feel better.

But, this shouldn’t make you lose hope for a remake of Panzer Dragoon. You have to consider that Sega really didn’t do much with the PC, as Al3x said - they released a few of their typical games, like House of the Dead, Virtua Cop, Sonic, and so on, but it’s never been their main focus. If the version on the Xbox had been a Saturn port rather than a PC port, it may have run a bit better. A remake of a Panzer game would be redone, and optimized for the system it’s being put out on, rather than just ported.