Wikipedia PDS entry

I was surprised to find that there is no Wikipedia enty on PDS, so I spent a few hours today making one. I’d be interested in seeing what you guys think. It’s been a while since I’ve played the game, so there’s probably a few errors… and, naturally, the nature of Wikipedia means that the article is up for grabs, so if anyone can think of any way to improve it, go ahead and do so.

Ah, at last someone makes a good Panzer Dragoon Saga page. I was wondering when it would happen, and was too lazy to do it myself. :slight_smile:

Very nice!

Haven’t really read it in detail but it looks good.Thanks Porcorn.Yeah it’s pretty much a crime there wasn’t one until now…

i’m sure if all of us work together and add stuff to the page, it will be great =)
and nice job by the way! :anjou_love:

great! hower, wasn’t the original panzer dragoon not released in 1994 in japan??

I linked to the wrong thing in my first post-- I did the PD Saga page, not the main PD article.

It’s a good page, plenty of good information. I think the main Panzer Dragoon page could do with a bit of work sometime, too.

One thing I noticed, however: “the speed and defence statistics respectively improve its capacity to administer and withstand attacks” - I think you mean “strength” rather than “speed”. Other than that, no problems I can see. :anjou_happy:

Just out of curiosity, though, where did you get those sales figures? It’s often debated exactly how many copies were made.

Very nice work. It’s nice to have Saga covered fully finally.

Very nice! Great job!

I got them from the main Panzer series page, which didn’t have a source. As such, I took the data and added a ‘citation needed’ thingy. If anyone thinks the data provided is unlikely to be true, go ahead and delete it.

Nice work, Popcorn. I just read through it, and it seems well written and (as far as I can tell) very accurate too.

Speaking of wikis, I’ve been considering adding a Wikipedia type section to TWotA in the future, so I might as well use this opportunity to ask what people here thought of the idea. Imagine an encyclopaedia like Wikipedia, but one that focuses solely on the Panzer world. It could consist of articles, even if they were only short ones, on the various characters, factions, places, and creatures from the series, that anyone could edit. I could come up with a more Panzerish design to go with it, to make it fit in better with the forums and main site.

Of course, this could potentially be bad for the site itself. People might be less tempted to write actual articles, and instead just work on improving the much more open wiki section. However, the benefits for us all could be greater if a PD Wiki was created, as information would be able to appear online far quicker, and could be edited by the community itself easily if it was inaccurate. There would be a place for both types of articles, I believe.

But? your opinions?

They would be hell to moderate, a pain to get started, a nightmare to implement and, as you said, could lead to a playdown of more serious articles. I don’t think it’s a wise idea.

I’ve installed one before, it’s much simpler than you’d think. Moderating could be somewhat more tricky, however.

I’d be careful with it. I use one at work for maintaing guides and notes for the computers and systems I maintain. From what I’ve seen you’ll get a core few people that write good stuff and make useful changes (that would send you in stuff anyway.) I few people that make changes but don’t really understand what they are doing and make a mess that somebody else has to tidy up. And the rest that treat learning how to use a Wiki as too hard and never use it. (And thats talking about an IT department, it could be a lot worse with less technical people. Mind you I guess with dedicated fans here it could be better. Hard to say until it’s actually live.)

So, I guess a good question might be: Would it be worth taking the risk?

Why don’t you just do it all on Wikipedia, rather than on the site? Then it’d be accessible to everyone, rather than this site’s readers.

I agree, I don’t think it’s worth putting one on here. It’s much better to just use Wikipedia as it will moderate itself to some extent, and more people are likely to visit it.

I think that might be the best way to go. There isn’t really much disadvantage to having it on an external wiki that I can see and in the unlikely case of site being offline for a bit again we can all still get to wikipedia atleast.

I think it’d be fine to put it on here. I don’t think it’ll have that many more visitors on wikipedia. And I think when its purpose will be theories and fan fictions and whatever other things like that, people will be more likely to write on it.

I mean, come on, all this time wikipedia exists, how many PD fans actually wrote articles on it? It apparently didn’t even have a page about Saga as this thread shows.

the only thing i would worry about is like you said about people using the site articles less, but i’m sure if an external wiki was made it would do well, and all of us would keep clean

i would prefer a PD only wiki, rather than just using wikipedia. Lots of things have their own wiki, such as Unreal Tournament, and they work fine