Why is it that with every good game

Why is it that with every good game fans want sequels and remakes???
NiGHTS is a prime example of this, and to some extent Panzer Dragoon Saga.

If there is such a good game why not just leave it be? Of course there are some series like Sonic the Hedgehog that thrive on sequels, but this was probably their intent in the first place.

There are many games I love that i woul dnot like to see sequels/remakes of. NiGHTS is the main one however. hopes nothing NiGHTS oorientated appears on the revolution

I know, I especially hate it when fans are screaming for a sequel and don’t like what they get. It’s thier fault but they just say it was the developer’s. Halo 2 is a perfect example of this. Fans were screaming for the sequel and Bungie did the best they could in the time allotted to them. Now, a lot of fans say it sucked, the ending sucked, or it has been ‘noobified’ (which should be ‘newbified’, the prefix ‘noob’ makes me think of the character from Mortal Kombat :anjou_happy: ). Also, I don’t see how sticky aim noobs it up because if someone can hit you easier, you also die easier making it a challenge for you not to get hit, SO HA! Also, you hit the other person just as easy from it. All this did was make aiming easier for people who don’t play as much, but do you think a large portion of the fan community will accept that? NOOoooOOOOooo, they have to go on rants about how it’s a game for ‘noobs’. Well, at least they gained more fans and then some to make up for that.

But to get back on to the main point, I’d rather play unique (I can’t say original here lol jk) games that are different from eachother than games that share the same world, same characters, the same gameplay, and stories that turn out lesser with each game in the series that you normally see in franchizes. But then again, I do love the Silent Hill series… I guess this doesn’t apply to all games. :anjou_embarassed: But I also never thought any of the stories did the series wrong.

Halo 2 was planned all along. The fans didn’t rage at all for it until the X02 trailer was unveiled. Also, Halo 2 was false advertised; fans were expecting to be on Earth for the entire duration of the game.

Plus, Bungie fucked up the use of the time they were alotted.

I know it was planned, but they had to rush it because of all the fans they didn’t wanna dissapoint (but ended up doing anyway). Also, I never saw anything suggesting that the entire game would be on earth, just a portion of it. But I too wish it was on earth for the majority of the game. And yes, some of thier time could have been spent better.

Because we always want more and games are unique in that seqels can be better than the originals.

Hey, Bungie did what they could/wanted to do.They have the right, it’s their game.Just because now Halo has a huge fan communitty it doens’t mean they have any more power over a sequel.

Based on what?The trailer?I can’t see how.(Personally I don’t like it when they show more than just the first two levels or so.)

Besides the fans knew they were bound to see other “facilities”.

Anyways concerning the actual topic I think it has to do with potential.You get to see a bunch of licenses stretched out for years with an average of one game per year (or more!).

As far as PD is concerned you know (well at least I do) that they have the potential to develop the idea of the the world they created a lot more.
It’s just like Meztger said; PD is such an unique game, one that has the possibility to show completely new concepts to every chapter.

Not all games can say that.Besides I don’t think sequels ruin what has been done before, and if they actually get to do better well great!

Not to mention PD has some mysteries to unveil.I don’t mean the old history of the Ancients (altho some insight would prove delicious; just not too much) ; I mean the history of Heresy.

Uh, no. . . Here’s a hint: THE ADVERTISEMENTS.

When I say trailer I mean the one show in advertisements silly.
I saw them as well you know?

Just because the Master Chief is shown in Ne Mombassa it doesn’t mean the whole game will be on Earth nor are you suposed to believe that.

People want more NiGHTS because the original only had 6 levels. 7 if you include Twin Seeds, 8 if you include Elliot’s Spring Valley course on X-mas NiGHTS. That isn’t a lot to go on.

[quote=“Gehpnaet”]When I say trailer I mean the one show in advertisements silly.
I saw them as well you know?

Just because the Master Chief is shown in Ne Mombassa it doesn’t mean the whole game will be on Earth nor are you suposed to believe that.[/quote]

Man, you don’t even know what I’m talking about. I’m done. :anjou_sigh:


Here’s the problem with sequels: let’s say you make the perfect game. Gamers love it so much, they demand a sequel. The reason why they loved it was because it was perfect. What then? Let’s say you release another game that’s perfect in the same way. Fans will be disappointed. Why? Because it didn’t provide the same rush anymore because they already expected it to be perfect. They now want it to be more than perfect.

Sure, that’s a hyperbolic situation, but it still applies. In a real world situation, there’s always room for improvement, but oftentimes, there’s just simply too many limitations; either budget, technology, or simply the skill of the developer.

It’s just a tricky situation =\

(p.s. It’s friggin’ HOT in Japan… :anjou_sad: )

Depends on the game thought doesn’t it.

I means I’m one of those that doesn’t really want a NiGHTS part II. The 1st game is perfect as it is.

But then you look at the likes of Burning Rangers and that crying out for a sequel as the Hardware was holding Sonic Team back so much.

Can you imagine a Burning Rangers Part II over LIVE Drools.
Where you could have 2 Teams for 4 player entering diff parts of a buildings because they are so vast (like Huge Nuclear Power Plants).
Commutating over LIVE thought the Head Set to keep track of each movements . While trying to rescue people , and trying to stop a huge nuclear explosion.

At certain points you could have a door, or a fire that would require both Teams to unite to tackle. It would be incredible tense to do this over the Head trying to explain your Where abouts relevant with regards to the other Team . With the heat timer on the screen going up and up .

Power Drift is crying out for a CyberCraft Update too. That would be perfect for the trade mark stomach turning tracks .

Hey Abadd, do you think Scott may really look like his avatar pic after all? XD
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cough Shenmue III cough

Shenmue III is needed to keep me sane.

Abadd : and what’s the problem of making a sequel that isn’t just as great?Is it a sin? :stuck_out_tongue:

Generally sequels don’t make as much moolah as the original.

What abadd said is exactly how i feel

Shenmue III is obviously expected because the story isn’t complete. The continuation has always been planned before the series was made.

And yeah,… my avatar rules :slight_smile: