Why didn't they translate "nerai"?



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‘Take aim’, ‘rain death on him’.
Take aim suggests a different character in Azel, inclined to be disinterested in Edge’s sex. Who would talk to Atolm like that - in that kind of world?
I wonder if ‘ne rai’ will be replaced with Panzer language - with no allusions to tongue-in-cheek, coy phraseology. Wish HARD

Whereas Rain Death on Him suggests, Azel is assuming (or has been briefed on Edge and) is kind of lurking on him a bit - without him knowing.

Can we move onto - what was the original text script for ‘They Killed Kenny’ in Zoah, Jubas’ Bar - 1F?

If so, then, also, does anyone else’s game crash when you talk to Azel in the Seekers’ Stronghold campsite, just trying to see if she says something different?
That was one ending I was not prepared for, ‘verbal nerai’ [rain death on him].

Also ‘this thing is bigger than vaiman’s a$$’

HD remake concept art - pandering to new generation of gamers. I call it “special game over”.