The Ruinous Road of Gaming’s Missing Masterpiece

I believe some of our questions about the translation being very creative at times find answers in this article

As we feared, the translation was very approximative at times. They even make fun of it sometimes but I guess that’s because they didn’t want to cry…

This stood out from the article:

Sega of America never received translated text for the post-credits cutscene in which Azel sets off to find Edge, so Lucich spun it how he saw it. “I figured the best ending was for Azel, who was an immortal guardian, to search the world forever and never find her first love,” he says.

I checked the Japanese text for the ending, and it just seems far too similar to the English version for them not to have had the translated text available. As depressing as the ending is, it’s the same in the Japanese version. So it’s really odd how this is essentially painted as being Lucich’s ending here, something the article does on other occasions as well. Given how old the game is, and the situation at Sega of America at the time, I can’t fault them for not remembering aspects like this correctly. And ultimately, I appreciate the fact they localized the game at all under those conditions. It’s just unfortunate the game didn’t receive a better localization.