Why did you buy your Saturn?

So much talk about the saturn;I thought I asked you this.

What made you buy the Saturn in the first place?

If anyone doesn’t own a Saturn or doesn’t own a Saturn anymore please state it and explain why.

Guardian Heroes

It’s Sega, that was reason enough.

The Panzer Dragoon series, NiGHTS, the Shining games, Dark Saviour… there were many reasons.

When you bought it you alreday knew those games?

I bought mine because it was Sega’s follow up to the Mega Drive. That’s it, really.

Oh. And because I wanted to make digital love to Sega Rally and Daytona CCE.

Don’t you mean CEE?

Nope o.o

CCE = Championship Circuit Edition.

Nope, it’s CCE: Championship Circuit Edition!

While I had my Mega Drive, I saw a few Saturn games such as VF2 and SEGA Rally in SEGA Power magazine and thought: “Yeah! These look good!”

I received one for Christmas '96 :slight_smile:

I’d played NiGHTS, the first two Panzer games, and I’d played Shining Force II on the Megadrive. It seemed like a good desision to get one.

Nights and Panzer Dragoon Zwei. Yes I used to read game console magazines before I owned one. I really wanted to have one long before I actually bought it :slight_smile:
My first game was PD Zwei. Kept me playing 13 hours straight the first day without break for food or anything else lol… No other game has gotten close to that yet…

I bought my Saturn because I had (luckily) been denied a Mega CD (still haven’t played Sonic CD yet :’( ) and a 32X, and wanted something new.

lol in my mind that was a joke - Daytona USA - Daytona CEE ( the european thingy)

Oh, now Gehn that really was an awful joke. And besides, it’s ‘CE’.

I’m not talking about the current designation.Many years ago.

Than that’s an even worse joke.

I was gonna say “Ill never laugh about one of your jokes anymore” but I never do anyways :stuck_out_tongue:

No. You laugh with me. Not at me. But lets stop this spam.

CEE = Craptacular European Excrement

P.S. I didn’t like it.