Why did you buy PDS, all those years ago?


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I didn’t buy it. but if my freind dergeisler ever needs money this is the first thing i’ll offer hm to buy :anjou_happy:

SSM’s demo. After finishing disc 1, I just had to find out what was going to happen with the whole Azel/enemy thing.

I’d played Panzer Dragoon Zwei before that and had been completely enthralled by the game world too.

After Zwei I just knew I had to buy Saga.Meanwhile (before Saga arrived) I eventually boroughed a copy of PD1 from a friend.And then it was just too obvious for me to ignore it.

The demo disc for me too, but SSM’s enormous review score definitely didn’t hurt. The first disc of PDS might be the best thing to ever get stuck on the front of a magazine (and one of the most irritating things, for anyone who wasn’t able to pick up the full game…)

Two words: the free SSM demo disc. I had played the other PDs before, most of all the Zwei demo that came with one of SSM’s Sega Flash CDs (which, by the way, I would kill to hear the menu music to again).

A friend offered me a sega saturn with a few other games for 50 bucks. I questioned him about any good RPG’s on it and he was silent for a moment.

“I will throw in Panzer Dragoon Saga for 10 more bucks,” He told me.

That is how I discovered the world of Panzer Dragoon.

My brother was raving about this must-have game and I decided to try it out. Needless to say it was pretty good so I eventually picked up my own copy (fortunately before it became as expensive as all heck).

That’s four words.

I have all 7 Sega Flash discs, but unfortunately I don’t have a way of “ripping” the menu music off 1/2. Anyone recommend any cheap methods?

I took one look at the front cover of the box in my Gameplay mail order mag and ordered the thing on pre-order lol. And when it arrived :anjou_love: at first sight


That’s four words.[/quote]

Actually its five…

ANyways, it was the Demo disc that did it for me. I was blown away by it…

The Saturn was already dead when I bought a copy for me. I was interested in collecting classic games and I bought a Saturn. I heard that PDS was a great game and then I bought a copy. A wise decision. :anjou_happy:

After the 1st Pazner game I was going to get any Dragoon game from then on.

Plus the E3 demo of SAGA knocked my socks off

SSM doesn’t count as a word, I think.

And yes, the disc did help me make up my mind, but I would’ve bought it regardless. =P

I voted for the enjoyed PD1 and Zwei option, but it was more like worshipped PD1 and Zwei, saw an ad for the Japanese version of PDS in the back of some gaming magazine and went nuts, and preordered the US version as soon as I could.

I was another who played the free demo and loved it. It took me ages to find a copy, though, but while I was looking, I picked up PD and PDZ as well, which I loved. I then finally managed to get a second hand copy from the game exchange here in Largs. I was told it had been traded in by a someone who had allegedly thrown a tantrum (and also the PDS box, which is annoyingly scuffed, and broken at the little peg things that hold the disks in the boxes) when they got a Saturn and PDS for christmas, instead of a Playstation (I bet there kicking themselves, now, with the price PDS goes for) and therefor had not been played.

My copy of PDS was actually new, but it was still in that kind of condition. Nowhere in my town really stocked Saturn games by the time PDS came out, so I got Woolworths to order me a copy in, and I guess their delivery guys weren’t particularly careful. Of course I didn’t complain at the time, though. :anjou_happy:

In fact because the last few Saturn games were so hard to find in the remote wastes of England where I live, I had no idea that PDS was an especially rare game until about 2001 (when I typed “panzer dragoon” into Google for the first time).


SSM doesn’t count as a word, I think.[/quote]

Ok you win, 7 words then

I was just kidding with the ‘two words’ thing. In a kind of Deus Ex “two words: New York City” kind of a way.