Why did you buy PDS, all those years ago?

One word: PDSisagreatgameandiamgladiboughtit
butiwouldliketohaveboughtitwhenitwasonlyfortydollarsacopy. :anjou_happy:

I bought the Japanses version so I could play it months earlier than the english translation- I was pretty psyched even at the time (I don’t buy imports anymore…)

PDZwei just plain rocked and I knew an RPG from the same developers would be the best thing ever :anjou_love:

SSM gave the game so much coverage that I really got interested in the game. I picked up Zwei maybe a month or two before PDS was due out here, and I loved it so much that I picked up a copy of PDS the day it was released here.

lucky enough that my dad got me PD1 with my saturn for xmas - then zwei just got me hooked. then the demo! then i went out and bought enemy zero instead!!!

that mistake cost me money! and made some lucky ebay seller ?75.

Flog Enemy Zero then!

not really worth selling is it? its not a bad game either. just wish i’d picked saga up at the time and waited to get enemy zero off ebay! both would have been cheeper this way!


That’s a top game. I love all of Kenji Eno games (not that he made that many). And this is 1 of his best.

Plus these days the Pal copy is very hard to get hold of

…curious concerning the content of the demo… (i.e. what portion of the game did you play and how did it differ [if] from the gold?)

And for I: why buy PDS? The first two were masterpieces?

The demo was the entire first disc. Nothing taken out. The “as sold” version.

It’s unfortunate that the demo only seemed to get released in the PAL territories. Otherwise I’d advise anyone thinking of buying PDS to try out the demo first, as the disc pops up on eBay pretty regularly; I’m fairly sure that anyone who enjoyed the demo would thoroughly enjoy the other three discs. (And if they didn’t like the demo, they’d save quite a lot of money over the alternative.)

How can you NOT like PDS? :anjou_happy:

Anyway, with me it was the combination of having adored Panzer Dragoon Zwei, being enthralled by the coverage, the art and the screenshots, and the demo pretty much did little but ensure that I’d rush out to get it the moment my local Sega loyal game store had it.

The reason I bought Saga was i thoroughly enjoyed Orta and the orginal for the PC, and after seeing the intro movie on the Orta disc i was hooked.
In the end I ended up getting it only last August.