Who's afraid of the Big

…Bad Wolf?

Yay, tomorrow is the finale of Doctor Who in the UK! Who is Bad Wolf? How will everyone escape a (BLEEP)load of Daleks?

And then afterwards I’m off to the breaks into song LAND OF THE FREE AND HOOOOOOOOOMMMEEE OF THE BRRRRRRRRRRRAVVVVVVEEE!!!

Or, America.


So, anyway, Doctor Who fans? Any?

I don’t even know what it is, but that might because I’m in the U.S. :stuck_out_tongue:

Stay away from the US Arc for you own good.What’s you going there for anyway?

PS:Who’s Who?

How could you not know what Doctor Who is? It’s not so much a television programme as a cultural icon!

Doctor Who is a science-fiction programme produced by the BBC. Beginning in 1963, it was only intended to be temporary schedule-filler that was to run for only thirteen episodes - but everyone’s favourite pepperpot fascists transifigured it into a runaway success, resulting in twenty-six years of weekly television (only interrupted by a one-year hiatus), making Doctor Who far and away the longest-running science-fiction serial in existence. It details the misadventures of a Time Lord of Gallifrey, known only as “The Doctor”, as he travels throughout time and space in his TARDIS (Time And Relative Dimension In Space) vehicle, and generally finding himself in positions to right wrongs and drink tea. :anjou_happy:

Doctor Who was indefinitely prorogued in 1989 (the final adventure was, rather ironically, titled Survival), accompanied by promises of a revitalisation that never occured, the only attempt until today being a 1996 television film that was intended to be a pilot for a new series (but which never occured because it was thoroughly panned). However, Doctor Who has been very much alive in books, comics and audio dramas published through companies like Target, Virgin, the Beeb itself and Big Finish. During the last thirteen weeks, though, a long-awaited revival has been conducted…

…and it’s been utterly marvellous! Even better, the public also agrees wholeheartedly - the new Doctor Who has regularly attracted audiences of over seven million, roundly pulverising the reality-rubbish on ITV. :anjou_happy:

I’m a little too busy to give my appraisal of the season finale, “The parting of the Ways”, now - I’ll post it later.

When the new Dr Who series started, for reasons that I cannot even begin to recall, I had come to the assumption that it was going to be complete crap. When the first episode actually came on, I believe I watched about… ooooh, maybe 3 minutes of it before I decided that I had given it a “chance” and hadn’t been impressed. I then pretty much ignored it’s existance.

However, just the other night, when the last episode was on, I found my dad (who has always been a massive fan) watching it and since I had nothing to do I sat down to watch it with him. And you know what? It was brilliant :anjou_happy: I now intend to find some way to watch the whole series. I can’t believe I didn’t even give it a proper chance.

Glad to see that you’ve rediscovered the light, Drenholm. Welcome back! :anjou_happy:

Anyway, the BBC are currently in the process of releasing a series of DVDs of the series (currently two volumes, up to episode 6, “Dalek”, are available), but as the series has concluded now you may as well wait for the inevitable completely-incorporated boxed set unless you’re impatient (and “Dalek” is a spectacular piece of television that’s more than worth the cost of the Volume II DVD alone). Failing that, I suppose that there’s always Bittorrent…

You can also watch the BBC 3 documentary series that accompanied the main programme, Doctor Who Confidential, streamed directly off the BBC’s Doctor Who website, but be careful you watch the corresponding episodes beforehand because it’s obviously spoilerific.

Maybe it’s just something about Americans, but I don’t really know anything about this Doctor Who. :D;

You’re free to throw your rotten vegetables now.

And I thought this was gonna be a Big Brother topic!