Who has the MSR soundtrack (on their computer)?

in good quality mp3 format :slight_smile:

If it would be possible, could you let me download it pleeease, all i can find is the ogg ones x.x

I was going to say “Have you checked SegaXtreme’s soundtracks section?”… but SegaXtreme’s soundtracks section seems to have shrunk suddenly, with all the Saturn and Dreamcast OSTs vanishing. Strange, I didn’t see this mentioned on their front page or forums… either way, this doesn’t bode well for Ancient Weapon’s NiGHTS soundtrack going up… :anjou_disappointment:

I hope it isn’t a permanent change to Sega Xtreme. It’s a tragedy to us all… :anjou_sad:


Yeah, IceMan2k won’t respond to any of my queries about that, they deleted my topic saying “Hi, you’ve got the tracks!” and the whole thing generally seems to stink. :anjou_disappointment:

I really want to put these up… any kind folk out there with a spare 20 MB or so? :anjou_happy: I can’t seem to upload them properly to my Tripod site; I’ve kind of given up on that idea.

I got the first half of it. Tracks 1-16. I hope it isn’t a permanent change either, I got some of the good tracks I wanted but not all of them.

What the starfish?!?!


SegaXtreme suck! It’s all gone!!!


(rages quietly in the corner)

Um…the MSR soundtrack seems to be fine.


Maybe the soundtracks are still there, just the first level links gone…? :anjou_wow:

How odd… they’ve removed links to all of the Saturn, Dreamcast and Misc. OST pages from the site’s soundtracks section, but those sections are still on their servers:


Perhaps they’re just doing some redesigning…

Here’s hoping that A: they’re not deliberately ignoring me (what have I done?!) and B: my tracks finally get put up! :anjou_love:

Is it true there is a Porcupine Tree track in this game? :anjou_love:

Yeah i already figuered out the links were still there in the morning. I’v ebeen downloading them all day incase they take the links down =P

So arcus, how comes you only got the first half?

My broadband sucketh.

Richard Jacques is awesome.

Damn right 100%.

Yay for manual lyrics…Sonic R memories

[quote=“Flakvin”]All of the soundtracks are back now.

Although there is a slight problem with the download script at this point in time, which is currently not allowing anyone to download anything.[/quote]

I don’t know whether to be happy or sad about this one! :anjou_wow:


They’re torturing us all…
So close, yet so far comes to mind.

Although he seemed to be on a hormone high when writing the lyrics for the MSR soundtrack. XD I still don’t get why they didn’t record the tracks for the Tokyo radio stations in well… Japanese. :o

They DID. The in-between-songs speech is Japanese. The songs themselves are English, which is partially representative of the song industry in Japan anyway.

Japanese people are likely to know some English as well as Japanese.
English speaking people are not likely to know Japanese as well as English.

U C? :slight_smile: