Which King do you like more?

The Burger King.

Creepy stalker who violates you in your sleep and hocks cheap fast food.

The King of the Cosmos.

Drunk, abusive, neglectful parent who smashes stars out of the sky and promotes child labor.


Burger King, just because he has the cool commercials with edited NFL footage of awesome plays.

Well, BK sells overpriced fast food. So the other guy.

Hail to the King, baby.

Yeah, I hate fast food, I think its the bane of Western society, but those commercials are awesome!

Some alternate, write-in votes.

King Lear
Don King
Martin Luther King Jr.
The LOTR Witch King
Rodney King
King Ralph
Stephen King
BB King
Larry King
King of the Hill

What about Elvis?

Out of those two, King of the Cosmos because he’s got style!

Or King Kong, btw the new movie is looking pretty good.

We love the King of the Cosmos! :anjou_love:
Maybe you can?t see his greatness without playing We love Katamari first. :wink:

Or Eric Cantona

King of the Cosmos. Definitely. He’s a raging alcholic who condones his child burning people to death in order to make new stars. Sure, there were a few dogs sacrificed, but hey, who’s to judge?

The true and unwritten answer to this thread is this: Ash from Army of Darkness / Evil Dead.

You all know it’s true.