What would you change in the Panzer Dragoon world?

We all love the PanDra world created by Team Andromeda (and further explored by Smilebit) but there might be somethings that we didn’t particularly liked about it.Beeing one goofy looking creature or soemthing else entirely.

If you could what would you change?

Dragon designs from Orta, except for the base wing.

They were a bit abstract for me.

Not something really new but I’d like to see more ruins and cities. The ruins of Uru are the most beatiful sight in the games, more of that would be sweet.

I would get rid of PDO completely. that games is not worthy to be named a PD game :wink:

I would get rid of names like Jean Jacque (Lundi).Such an original world and they still base the names out of existing ones…

French names in PD?No way I say!

I would make Orta the best PD RPG ever. . . And I would change the story in it to be ALOT better, the story would also answer alot of questions in the best logical ways.

There are so many things… and unfortunately they’d all take place after you beat Saga’s final boss.

I’d get rid of Orta, the 4th stage boss in PDO, and the ‘new’ empire. All 3 of these concepts weren’t thought out well at all. So, I guess I agree with LordCraymen…get rid of PDO, period…except for the really excellent encyclopedia that came with it.

I’d have a definite antagonist rather than “The Empire”, and I’d make the storyline a bit deeper.

I’d make the first Panzer Dragoon’s story tie in better with the rest of the series, but still retain some of the mysteries.

Like Gehn said, I’d make sure all the characters had unique names.

I’d get rid of the fourth boss in Panzer Dragoon Orta, and add something new to the nineth episode besides a rehash of the dragonmare battle.

I’d make the controls in Panzer Dragoon 1 more fluid, and update the framerate to at least 30 fps.

The story of Panzer Dragoon Zwei wouldn’t basically be a replica of the first game’s storyline; there’d be more differences.

I’d make sure none of those pesky translation errors crept in, it would be 99% true to the Japanese originals.

The ending of PDO would be extended… perhaps an FMV, that properly showed the end of the dragon’s legacy.

I’d get rid of Orta’s earrings, or at least provide a proper explanation for why the seekers gave her them.

Yeah, definitely agree.

Guardian of Warship and Evren’s Dragonmare squadron? I thought they were quite cool.

The statue thing was kind of out of place. It was a little too cartoony for PD, I thought. The Dragonmare squadron was ok.


Guardian of Warship and Evren’s Dragonmare squadron? I thought they were quite cool.[/quote]

I liked the dragonmare battle, but like Bluefoot said, the statue felt out of place in the Panzer Dragoon world. The idea of a statue of the seventh emperor was good, but he should never have been given breasts.

And they still say japanese-jins ain’t lunatic!

I like the PD world as it is, and I wouldnt like to change anything in it.

i just wish there was a kind of “battle” option after you finish saga. where you could just choose enemys to fight against.

this would be miles better than the “race” and that baby dragon camp thingy

I’m not sure, but isn’t it called “fleet on the lake” or something?

The camp thingy is called “Dermot’s Ranch,” the thing where you fly around the airforce base blowing stuff up is “Fleet on the Lake” and I can’t remember the official name of the race thing.

I think it was called “Ancient Valley”.

Score attack and variations thereof uploaded onto a Xbox Live scoreboard ala Ninja Gaiden MNT for Orta:

Boss Rush (time attack)
Episode 8 Airship Kill Ratio Attack (using Airship)
Score Attack (per stage)

Many other things really…

Further variations could include all above in Sudden Death mode.

There’s a Japanese site which held a score attack tournament in 2002, and there’s another Japanese site which has some scoreboards, but it seems dead from 2002 what I can fathom looking at it.

Sorry I know this is more in terms of competitiveness rather than anything to do with the PanDra world, but I thought it would of been cool. Orta has so many possible tournaments that can be done for it which could easily work as a scoreboard just like Master Ninja Tournament.