What would be the best way to revive the franchise?

I don’t know about you but the idea of not getting a new Panzer Dragoon game ever is still pretty frightening.

I was just reading an interview with Bioware, about the new Sonic RPG and it gave me the idea to start this thread and see what people think is the best way to relaunch the franchise.I’m still not sure what was Sega’s objective with PDO.

Anyway, what I want to know is what you guys feel is the right way for PD to make a comeback.How could you make a new PD game sell big time?What platform should be used?What genre (rpg,shooter…)?Who would develop it?

I’m not asking about your dream PD recipe.Instead I want to know what you feel is the right formula for PD to sell and become somewhat popular while still maintaining the quality it never fails to deliver.

Should be an RPG, retaining the atmosphere of the PD world.

Should be Developed by as many former Team Andromeda members as possible.

Multi-platform release Xbox 360 PS3

That’s all we need

Any other formula would fail, because there isn’t any other that would suit the franchise and do it justice. Don’t fix what’s not broken, expand upon it…or something like that.

PDO proved that the shooter aspect of the game is dead; therefore, a future Panzer Dragoon game MUST be an RPG if it has any hope for success. Panzer Dragoon Saga proved that the Panzer Dragoon universe fit quite comfortably in the RPG genre – and that’s where it should remain. Period.

It would also be really neat if Sega combined its resources with another third party such as Capcom or Bioware to create the game; resources as in programmers, testing, and troubleshooting. Such a move would allow the game to become much more balanced and the development time would, literally, be cut in half. Sega isn’t the same Sega it was 10 years ago; therefore, SOME sort of help from an outside source would be necessary to fill the gap.

It would also be really cool if someone could travel back in time and erase the mistake that was PDO - that game was completely unnecessary and was entirely generic.

Or maybe PDS shouldn’t have been for the dead Sega Saturn. Maybe thats how the series is forgotten. It could’ve had been for the PS1.

Sega should make another PD game if its their last or Sonic is in another screwup game. Just like FF saved SquareEnix from bankrupt.

As the years since Orta have gone by, the idea of not getting a new PD game isn’t really that terrifying. When you think about it, PDS was really meant to be the last game in the series. We were lucky we got Orta to start with. Are there still lots of unanswered questions? Yes. That’s what makes it beautiful.

Realistically speaking, making PD mainstream would almost certainly require the quality of the series going down, since the mainstream has shitty taste.

But let’s talk hypothetically.

Honestly, were PDS released on another console, I do feel like it would have been an instant success. As such, yes, it should be an RPG. The public loves them.

It should be multi-platform, as stated earlier, except it should be on the Wii and XBOX 360, not the PS3. The Wiimote would be AWESOME in a free-roaming PD game.

Sega should create a free roaming Action/Adventure game with duel analog controls similar to controlling the banshee in Halo. The game would have large, expansive worlds such as those found in Grand Theft Auto or Oblivion, but at the same time the game would focus on story. The focus of the gameplay would be on exploration and combat, with combat being requiring tactics such as maneuvering and morphing (as with PDS and PDO) in order to succeed. You could also land your dragon at any time in the game, and get off to wander around on foot.

The game would cost a lot to develop, but such is the nature of this console generation. However, if such a game couldn’t be made, then I propose that a linear story driven shooter is developed, but where the player can fully control the dragon with two analog sticks.

I don’t think the new PD RPG should come out on the Wii. To really flesh out the atmosphere of PD we essentially need exceptional graphics. From what I’ve seen, many developers have been lazy when creating games for Wii. Since it’s not powerful graphic-wise it’s like an excuse to slack off.

Not to contradict myself, but I do belive some incredible gameplay possibilities would be possible if it was developed for Wii. They, just need to stop treating the Wii like a last gen system.

[quote]PDO proved that the shooter aspect of the game is dead; therefore, a future Panzer Dragoon game MUST be an RPG if it has any hope for success. Panzer Dragoon Saga proved that the Panzer Dragoon universe fit quite comfortably in the RPG genre – and that’s where it should remain. Period.


Yeah Saga was a multi million seller wasn’t even it *rolls eye’s * , even in Japan with a big user base the game sold pretty poor . You know not everyone hates ORTA like you do .

For me the moment SEGA tries to make a Panzer game to try and get massmarket is the day I’ll give up on the series , it’s always been a cult game and SEGA shouldn’t do anything to change that . I know SEGA don’t make games to sell in low numbers , but I don’t want to see my fav series go the way of Sonic in chasing sales or trying to please the casuals .

SEGA could go one of 2 ways . Make both a RPG and 3D Shooter seprate or try and combine the both in one game . Don’t chnage the core gameplay has that doesn’t need changing
What I like to see is one level set with massive crashing waves so one gets the sence of power of the sea (amazing water effects have always been a Panzer Trademark) that crash and bang agaisnt you and the dragon, I want to see the surf dripping of the skin :slight_smile: . But most of all I like for the series to back to the 1st game and the sence of it was just you and your pet against the world , like the 1st game make it more Mystical and the Sense that the Dragoon is a gift from the GODS or somthing , and not like with Orta or to a point Zwei a living Natural creature

The platfrom would have be both the 360 and PS3

It’s not trying to make a PD to get massmarket.That would be pretty pointless since PD has no real reputation as far as the mainstream gamer is concerned.I don’t mean change the game in order to appeal to more people.

I mean they should try and market it a better.None of the PD games striked me as game concepts the mass market couldn’t fall in love with.Everyone agrees they were all GREAT games.So why didn’t they sell?

Imagine Orta coming out on the PS2.Do you honestly think it wouldn’t sell a lot more?

Panzer Dragoon should be a launch title on a next gen console that both flexes hardware muscle and allows for innovation in the shooter or rpg genre beyond battle system tweaks. That worked for the Saturn and a new generation should have the same experience. Maybe the series could be restarted on another generation of consoles.

Which could happen anytime between now and my death. If the series is to be revived, it will happen during this current generation, or it won’t happen at all. But that’s just one man’s prediction.

Or maybe send a thousand emails to Sega, questioning them if the series is dead or not or if they’re planing to make another PD game.

Sega, as of right now, are not planning to make another PD game, nor do they have any plans for one in the future. Question answered.

There’s no word as to whether the series is “dead,” but as of right now they’re not going to make one.

You don’t know that.It’s probable, but you don’t know that.

Snail mail would probably work better - it’s very easy to just hit the delete key on a half read email, whereas Sega would need to open each letter individually.

We could always do what fans of the TV series Jericho did, and send Sega truckloads of nuts to keep the series alive. :wink:

Its going to be interesting to see how well Lair sells and is received To see if there?s a market for this style of game.

I hope the game sells well and it will spur the Panzer Team to produce thier own game as they’ll know they could do better :P.

How about truckloads of handmade Coolia pup dolls? :anjou_love:

TA:What style of game?Dragon games?Because there are already “flying” games out there.Ace Combat,Flight Simulator,the new Afterburner…they are just all themed alike.

Quite frankly it really pisses me off that PD isn’t the first series featuring free-roaming combat on the back of a dragon!Aargghh!

I mean fantasy style flying games , I?m no expert but I would imagine is easier to market games with huge spaceships or more so F14 Tomcat ect to ? the boy and his toy ?group , than a game with flying dragons . So I?m hoping Lair will sell great , the Panzer team get to play it , and think to them self?s we can do better , hell we?ve done better And go to Toshiro Nagoshi fro funding .
I can but dream and please Abadd with the greatest of respect don?t kill one mans dream :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s bullshit. Flying dragons kick ass. Flying dragons with lasers expelling from their maw kick even more ass. Flying transforming dragons with lasers expelling from their maw? Ass kick overload.

If Sega wanted to market the Panzer series, they could. They just won’t. Because they have shit for brains, and that is why they are no longer a first party.

Or maybe they’re relying on Sonic games too much.