What should I get inscribed onto my iPod?

After about 4 months of mass mp3 player research, i’ve decided to get an iPod. And I also get a free engraving!

So what should i get? I was thinking maybe contact details on one like (like a phone number incase i somehow lose it…) and another line for something creative

maybe iScott :anjou_happy:

or a big line of “SEGA SATURN”

so, give me your creativeness =)

How about, “My iPod is an indicator of my social status - I’m in need of friends, talk to me!”

What if he just wants the convenience of carrying ALOT of music with him - without the hassle of having to exchange CD’s or memory limitations? If you have an iPod to just gain attention, you’re a fucking moron, oh wait most of humanity consists of them anyway. My bad.

As for the engraving Scott, get something that would make YOU happy.

Ouch… but I suppose the man has a point.

Anyway… :anjou_embarassed:

I agree here - but it could still be a tricky decision! :anjou_happy:

hmmmmm for some reason, i don’t think that would fit, plus, i’m against not telling the truth

yeah i agree

now… back to my inscription…

What is this engraving you’re talking about?On the player itself?

How the hell does a iPod give you status anyway?You talking like it is pretty common a purchase…

This should work i hope (click me)

I dind’t knew they do that.Nice.Knowing myself I would end up putting some line from a PD game :slight_smile:

I don’t know about you tho.

To this day I still don’t understand what that expression means believe it or not :>

to be honest… neither do I x.x

shrugs I’ve got my name and number on the back of mine.
Course, twas a Christmas pressie, so I didn’t get much choice of what I wanted on the back of there.

Ha, I’m liking the iScott one XD

Least people can’t get away with it for long if it has your name on the back, while they might be as happy as you were with a different inscription on the back.

I dunno, go with whatever.

Having your name on the back is kinda boring.

And Gehn, imagine how much shitting a brick would actually piss you off. >>

Did you get that one, Scott, or is that just someone else’s photo? Pardon me if I’m asking a dumb question here! :anjou_embarassed:


Good ol’ Paet.

Ancient Weapon, it’s just a pic XD

Thanks for that, Berserker…! :anjou_sigh:


I just wondered, because the picture came from the same web domain as his avatar, ergo I thought that domain might be his own and as such, the picture be his own too.

“I bet he shit a brick” means “I bet he shit himself REALLY BADLY”.

was he even scared??

I think it was meant to show Paet’s naivety. In the English script, at least; it’s anyone’s guess what Japanese phrase got transformed into “I’ll bet he $#!t a brick”.