What RPG introduced you to the genre?

you should be happy with that comment you wont get many of them in your life time.;p
i dont remeber my first rpg game but i can tell you the first one i played a year an a half ago. It was Vampire The Masquerade : Redemption. And i loved it, everything i look for in games. Twists blood and wanting to know what happens next. I spose you could say that was the first game i have played. After i lost my memory. So yeah its funny the way things turn out.
Then i got hold of a few different types of gaming consoles and played everything that i could get my hands on ;p . I love the way that there are so many types and different game play. I love one person shottem ups, like Hlaf life and battlefield. Going to a lan party with lots of people playing with you, and then the frist time you hit and kill someone you feel so alive. The first time i killed anyone i jumped out of my set and screamed *YES!! i got one. (bad i know) But it was the first time playing with other people and not bots. I still try and get as many poeple to gether as possable to play, and yeah might not be the best player , but it is interesting to see if they will try and take it easy on me cause im a girl, most dont but its funny just playing as one of the team mates and not seperte from everyone else. If you are the only oppesite sex person there it can be hard sometimes with new people. I may be bad but i just do anything i can to try and get a kill. Like jumping off a 6 story roof and shotting 3 guys and killing them before i hit the ground and die myself, If you see anyone doing that it might be me ( i do fun things like that). Just remember one thing games all games are there more than for fun nothing else nothing more. If they where more we would be killing people for real (but how can say what is real and what isnt). I will be interested to see what you say about this and i hope you dont go easy on me either. =] M.M

I forgot to reply to this thread.My first RPG was probably Shining Force 2.I played it when it first came out but only in 2000 did I really finish it.

actually I think I stopped in the final battle for some reason

Btw welcome to the TWOTA forums Morgun Majai :slight_smile:

V:TM - Redemption was ok, but too short and linear for my liking. I loved unloading every last bullet of my minigun into the final boss.

From the moment I began, I couldn’t stop playing Shining Force 2 until I finished it, and even then I played through the game again countless times in order to experiment with different combinations of joinable characters.

Shining Force 2 is one of the best Strategy/RPGs in RPG history, Final Fantasy Tactics notwithstanding.

first game- Sonic the hedeghog Genesis (megadrive) 1991
when i was about 4 years old.

and Shining Force… err 1992 probably.

But only got into RPG’s when Shining Force 3

first game- wave race for the GB, 1995.

first RPG- final fantasy 8.

I’m a very very late starter.

first RPG- final fantasy 8.

I’m a very very late starter.[/quote]

Thats too bad really, because i feel FF8 is one of the worst games i’ve ever played with a story lamer then that of MGS2.

Lame as it may be, it will always hold a place in my heart…

I thought all the Final Fantasy games were awesome beyond belief? :slight_smile:

Final Fantasy 8 was actually converted to the PC…

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]I thought all the Final Fantasy games were awesome beyond belief? :slight_smile:

Final Fantasy 8 was actually converted to the PC…[/quote]

Now now, FF is a marginally respectable series. You know FF7 was good :slight_smile: Made it to PC too. But 8, ugh i shuudder at the thought of that game.

First game: Duck Hunt/SMB (NES)
First RPG: Shining Force II (GEN)

Damn, I forgot about that one.

my first game i saw was panzer dragoon 1. and the first rpg i saw was shining force 3 scenario 2, and shining the holy ark. and the first game i played was tomb raider ps one. and the first rpg was final fantasy VII. my all time favo game are panzer dragoon saga and ff VII. no that is not true my first game i played was sonic 1.

i shall say that panzer dragoon 1 was my first 3D game i saw and played.

The first RPG released in America: Phantasy Star. Well before Dragon Warrior. Of course I was fiddling with RPGish games well before that. I might have to say that Adventure for Atari 2600 was the first.

I feel old now…

Actually, DragonWarrior released in '86, I believe. Phantasy Star wasn’t even released in Japan until '87.

Nope, it was released in America first. Do a Google research and ya’ll find out. Ta!

first game i ever owned was sonic 2 (came with my gen).
first game i ever played… no idea
first RPG i ever owned… phatasy star IV

i had played a few other RPGs but i really didn’t understand them at the age of 6 (besides all the stats and numbers and items, i just didn’t understand the point of them “how do i jump!?”). so it was some years later that i actually got into RPGs.

anyone else play starflight on the genesis??? it was kinda like a space RPG where you go to planets and mine minerals and shoot aliens and make all of the races hate you for all your pilaging. it had a pretty good storyline in the manual (the one delivered in captain’s logs, not the one by robert silverburg).

D’oh. Dragonwarrior didn’t come out until 1989 in the US. I guess that’s what I get for playing the Japanese version :stuck_out_tongue:

The Ultima series has been around since 1981 (I think, mabye earlier if you count Akalabeth). That’s really old school.