Well done, Ellen!

As I’m sure you’re all aware, as of five minutes before I start this thread Ellen MacArthur became the world’s premier yachtswoman. She’s just achieved the world record for a continual solo circumnavigation of the globe aboard the B & Q trimaran after more than seventy-one days at sea, with more than a day’s margin over the previous record (beating the French! Huzzah! :anjou_happy: )

MacArthur has had to withstand, endure and persevere through all manner of harsh adversity in this phenomenal project, ranging from sleep deprivation to hurricanes and close encounters with icebergs. On several occasions, it seemed that her endeavour to secure the coveted title would be scuppered. Yet she’s pulled through, to a well-deserved rapturous reception.

Now, of course, I could immediately say how this is a tirumph for British sailing and how it continues to show that Rule Britannia remains as relevant today as it did after Trafalgar. And I assure you, I will do. At great, great, length. But before all of that, it would be churlish of me to deny that this is truly a remakrable feat of personal stamina, strength, and skill, so Ellen and Ellen alone deserves the warmest congratulations for her magnificent mission. I’m a yachtsman myself, but all I’ve done is trundle about some Greek islands, the Solent, and the Irish Sea - what Ellen’s achieved makes my 1,200+ nautical miles look like someone playing with a wind-up submarine in the bath.

I hope the entire forum will raise their glasses with me in toasting Ellen MacArthur’s grand exploit. She deserves every wave and every cheer! :anjou_happy:

That’s a bit of bollocks, there. “Circumnavigation of the globe”? What she did was sail south from the UK down to Antartica, did a lap around it, then back up the UK. Since when was that “the globe”?

Still, it’s an achievement.

Look out! The Cynics are about! Hide all your green ink! :anjou_sigh:

Her course just happens to be more than 27,000 miles, more than the cirumcference of the globe which is something like 24,000 miles. And in conditions that were less than clement.

Can’t anyone stir up a good word for anyone these days? It’s not just an “achievement” Arcie, it’s bloody fantastic, so why on earth do you want to pout?

On a more positive note, well done to Ellen again. The news has been telling me that her sleep rhythms have been put so out of kilter that they’re needing to sedate her so she can rest - now that’s a testament to what she’s put herself through to achieve this. A brilliant woman!

Actually, sailing around the globe would probably require you to go a lot farther than 24,000 miles due to the fact that there are a few continents that you’d have to go around.

Not to say that this isn’t a spectacular achievement though. (Not just an achievement, a spectacular achievement).

Look, I’m all for equality, womens rights, and the like, but two questions: why the hell is yachting so popular? and: why is it that women make such a big deal about doing something like this? I realize it;s something women may not dominate, but why act like it’s such a big deal when women proclaim they can do anything men can?

Because they can’t.

Oh, I’m not celebrating this simply because a woman has achieved it (far from it - I absolutely can’t stand those infernal feminists. :anjou_angry: ), and who has triumphantly broken a world record.

Because it’s a great sport! It demands both physical ability and mental ability in winching sheets and plotting charts, you get to witness some of the most wonderful places along the coast, and even in miserable weather you have a sens eof teamwork with your crew. Infinitely more preferable to just lazing out on a log-jammed beach. Plus, Britain’s nations been maritime peoples since her inception so I like to think that a love of sailing is in the blood. I certainly took to yachting immediately! :anjou_happy:

Fern?o de Magalh?es was the first and unlike many people think he was Portuguese and not Spanish.

So, what’s your point…? Exploring and single-handed record-breaking are two different things.

I think Ellen’s appeal was well encapsulated by an article from Paul Hayward in today’s Telegraph:

"*It is often said that fanatical mountaineers, fell runners and round-the-world sailors are rebelling against the “safeness” and deadening affluence of middle-class existence. If so, MacArthur is part modern rebel and part a great British seafarer in the tradition of Raleigh, Drake, Anson and Cook. Whatever she is running away from - dry land, office jobs, other people - she will have ignited small flares of yearning inside all those who secretly want to emulate Reggie Perrin and dump their work clothes on the beach.

The idea that we could all jump in a ?2 million yacht and glide alongside dolphins in tropical oceans is, of course, a delusion. Yet some instinct rebels against our enslavement by technology: the e-mail account that will not stop churning, the mobile phone that will not be silent for more than a minute. When most of us dream of freedom, we imagine mountains, walking and cycling expeditions, sails and exploration.

Most modern sport is a comet storm of television images and blaring soundtracks. It works on the retina. MacArthur’s achievement is less photogenic than Kelly Holmes wrapping herself in a Union flag or Jonny Wilkinson kicking the winning points in the Rugby World Cup final. This one we can only read about or study in still pictures. It works best in the ocean of the imagination - and, for that reason, will endure long after most sporting triumphs have perished in the memory.*"

I wasn’t making a point.I was just pointing out.

I just find it amazing that even when it comes to this, there is still negativity.
Robert did not even mention anything about it being a woman’s feat and thats what comes up?
And I believe it is the media itself thats makes it a big deal when it is the first of any (insert ethnic race, gender, sexual preference here) that can do something.
Give me a break, thats just pathetic.

It is a acclomplisment that should be celebrated, mainly because of the skill that was used. How many people here on this board can actually do that?

Anyways, thank you for pointing this out Robert. =D