Weird update on the official Panzer Dragoon Orta site

Smilebit’s official PDO site has been updated (for the first time in over a year) with what appears to be details of a new PDO merchandise item; I’m in a bit of a rush right now and Babelfish is being particularly unhelpful, but it looks to me like either a graphic novel adaptation (or maybe a novelisation?) of Panzer Dragoon Orta. Although given the linguistic skills of the Fish, it could probably be anything. But it looks like it’ll be going on sale on the 17/12/2004.

The official site links to this page: … gi?id=1914

… which contains links to a bunch of descriptions on Japanese book-sale sites. Does anyone have time to do an accurate translation?

The art is surely well drawn. That Dragonmares are beatiful.
There is a part in the cover that appears to be in english but it is too small to be read.
In that cover, Lagi’s is in great form and, ahem, Orta’s behind is very well defined. :anjou_embarassed:

From what I gathered from the Babelfish translation fo the site the novel will cover story between episodes in the game.

Is it normal in Japan for a game to get a novel with no sequel aftewards? :anjou_happy:

Is it normal in Japan for a game to get a novel with no sequel aftewards? <<

A lot of things are possible in Japan. I don’t remember how much later the Azel book came out before.

It might be a graphic novel, judging from that picture on the official site.

You can order it from Japanese Amazon… … 36-6763550

Well at least we know the series isn’t forgotten.


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Anyway, returning to the topic itself:

That was pretty much what I was thinking; obviously it’s just a piece of merchandise that’s only going to get a Japan-only release, but the fact that Sega didn’t can it before now - coupled with the fact that they’re still willing to update their official site - has to be a vaguely good sign, small as it is.

Yeah, Orta seems to have become strangely… “shapely” in those images. Although I think the style of the artwork is a little odd for PD, it does seem to be good quality.

Where are these imgaes you speak of?Stupid question I know but I only see a cover.

Lance:are you sure it will only get a Japan release?The english in the cover could hint at something?

There’s another new image in the top-right corner of the official site’s main page:

It’s a new black-and-white comic-book flavoured illustration (that links to a description of the book), which is what makes me think it might be a graphic novel.

I can’t be sure, but I’d say that it’s very unlikely to get released over here; roughly none of the Japanese PD player’s guides, artbooks (or the Azel novelisation) have ever made it to our shores… I wouldn’t hold out too much hope for this one…

SegaTecToy spoke of a dragonmare image.That’s why I ask.(and yes I’ve seen that image you posted).

There must be a reason for the english on the cover of the book.

There is a dragonmare in that image… :wink:

I’m not very well informed on this, but I was under the impression that the Japanese do use a limited amount of English on covers, titles, logos, blurbs and things… On the other hand it might not be actual English, but just something written using the English alphabet - like the “Kaze To Akatsuki No [something]” subtitle on the cover. It’s hard to tell because of the smallness and the font…

My eyes…betray me!


Anyways I’m pretty sure I see english words like “and” for example, in that text.Altho I agree that that thing on the top is an alphabetical version of the japanese words- “Kaze To Akatsuki No Musume”.

kaze to akatsuki no musume - the daughter of wind and dawn.

today i treid to buy it at my local bookstore but they told me it was out of print… strange. I’ll try to buy it from amazon instead.

I get the impression that this hasn’t been released yet… these web pages seem to give December 2004 as its publication date, and Amazon Japan apparently wants people to “preorder” the book (rather than simply “order” it).

One of the websites says the release date is December 17th.

That’s pretty cool.

I’ll have to buy it from sometime.

Can you order things from Amazon Japan if you live outside of Japan? (And have them delivered to your non-Japan address)? If you can, I’ll be grabbing it too come the 17th…