Web Browsers

What web browsers do you people use?

I’m an IE 6.0er, myself.

I use IE6 as well but another REALLY REALLY good browser that I’ve used in the past is Opera. It’s only downside is that it doesnt support IE plug ins really, but in everything else it’s far superior, a lot more customisable, can have tabbed pages, supports lots of features like mouse gestures, shortcuts, importing of favorites, disabling of flash or jpgs at the click of a button for faster loading and the like and is VERY VERY fast, give it a try if you are searching for an alternative, the non java version is liike 3mb while with java it goes to around 11 or 15, I think. Very small anyway even if my numbers are wrong. Ofcourse it supports flash as well and theres a few plug ins that have bothered doing opera versions too like shockwave and others.
Check the features on the site: www.opera.com

I use Netscape 7.1 mostly


IE 6.0 here.

IE is pretty mediocre, I think everyone should try something else. It doesn’t even have tabs or animated .png support.

I used to use Opera (I love the mouse gestures) and am using it on the old computer I’m using now. Now I’m in love with Mozilla Firefox (FYI Mozilla is the open sourced version of Netscape). Opera crashes a bit too often for my taste.

I.E 6.0

Internet Explorer 6 usually. Am I the only one who has found an annoying amount of compatibility problems when using other browsers? Then again, maybe I’m just browsing sites that use IE specific code…

I changed to Firefox over the last few days, i love it now! i also tried it a few months ago but got bored, but now i think it is great!

Also better is that i heard IE has loads of security holes and adware risks. Firefox seems to be all good at the moment :slight_smile:

I used to use IE exclusively, just because it was what I was most familiar with.

After two bouts with viruses specifically aimed at IE, I’ve switched to Modzilla, but I’m considering Firefox.

And yeah… there are compatibility problems with some sites, but nothing that can’t be dealt with.