Vote please

Have you read my fanfic(the episodes written so far anyways)?

Why?Why not?
Did you like it?

I’ve read it but I can’t really form an opinion on it yet. I would have to see how the story evolves. It’s not bad so far.

Really?I’m afraid to progress(third episode is completely different as far as scheme is concerned) cause of my english.

Your english seems good enough in the other episodes (although I’m not an expert either). You can always make improvements later after you finished the fanfic.

You know Gehn, the best reason to write anything is for the sake of it.

For the sake of what? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

For the sake of writing. You shouldn’t write for others’ enjoyment.

Check R for Rethorical Skiad.

Anyways,if people aren’t enjoying I might aswell stop then right?

No. Because a story is crap without an ending (Hint hint Arc, Neil, Geoffrey and everyone else who hasn’t finished their stories… including me). Besides, you never know, people might see what you’ve written in the future and like it.

One thing in particular about my fic (at least it’s something i wanted to make) : short episodes for easier reading and room for imagination without long descriptions.Also I wanted people to actually read it as new episodes are released.

I haven’t the time, to be honest. While there is a new abundance of writing fanfiction, the writers have to realise that while the lack of interest in the Panzer series is down they aren’t going to get much feedback.

Fan-fics are timeless IMO.Well I dunno about you but I read game related fanfics in “dead times” such as this and not when a new game is released.

That isn’t the point. There is a lack of interest and motivation around the Panzer scene, so people aren’t going to want to read much about it.

I do think you actually have more chance to get feedback on a PD fanfic than for example a Halo fanfic. The amount of fanfics about Halo is overwhelming, and I doubt anybody reads them. A small community can have its advantages.

True that, I suppose, but theres still a low chance =/

Publicity’s the key word :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t say too much off what I’ve seen so far, but your English don’t bother me none! :slight_smile:

Publicity helps, but nevermind, this discussion is going nowhere.

Shadow, what you’re saying doesn’t make sense. With an attitude like that I might as well stop updating the Will of the Ancients at all, because no one is going to visit it anyway when the Panzer Dragoon community is at all time low, right? Nope, I refuse to do that, no matter how few people care about it. So long as the few hardcore fans are still interested in Panzer Dragoon, there’s absolutely no reason to stop producing content. Why does it matter if there’s a new game in the works or not? If you like Panzer Dragoon enough then it’s a timeless interest, not a fad that will soon be forgotten when the next big thing arrives.

Gehn: I’ve read your fanfic, but like D-Unit I have yet to form an opinion on it because there isn’t a lot of it. But keep writing… if you’ve got a plot worked out then it’s worth sharing with us.