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No, I’m not saying that because there is no interest that everything should just stop and die out. That’d be pointless. I’m saying that you shouldn’t expect feedback during this lull in activity. You cannot deny that the Panzer scene is a lot quieter than in the months leading up to Orta’s release.

True, but why wouldn’t people choose not to read a new Panzer fanfic, just because a new game isn’t coming out any time soon? Why should that matter? It shouldn’t. There would be more reason to want to read new content now, as the amount of new Panzer content is so small.

Also, although the Panzer community is quieter now then say when Orta was in development, there are still a reasonable amount interest in the community. I can prove that too - how many days has it been since post 10,000 on this board? We’re already reached 10400 posts. The amount of activity on these boards is reason enough for their to be some interest in new fanfics and other content, and therefore is it reasonable to expect feedback.