I got an e-mail from (Solowing?). It’s subject was “hello” but the message was a bunch of garbled characters and I got this warning before the message:

Did anyone else get this?

I got that same virus, and I got rid of it, but not from SOLO?! shocked

As far as I know, getting e-mail from the forums (like when someone replies to your post) doesn’t come out of Solo’s email address.

I dunno, really. You should ask him.

Some viruses use fake email addresses and don’t even originate from the apparent sender’s address.

I can’t believe you actually opened that e-mail…

Basically, the Novarg virus is one which activates on February 1st. It bombards the site of a software developer in America with endless data so that the site crashes. Novarg also allows hackers to get into your PC with no problem whatsoever, making it a bit of a paradise for malicious hackers.

This virus was in the papers yesterday, and I’ve had two e-mails with it so far. Judging from the fact that Solo doesn’t speak like that (I’ve had e-mails from him in the past) I knew to delete them instantly. Always virus-scan ANY attachments before opening them.

I didn’t open it, my virus scanner automatically deleted it.

You should be carefull with virus like that, they could estroy your sites and fry you computer…

Hahaha, now you all know my secret career as a virus writer…

In all seriousness, I don’t know why that virus was listed under my email address. But it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve heard of viruses listed under email addresses of people who wouldn’t send them. I’ve had them from Geoff, Arcie, Shadow, and… This last email address doesn’t even exist!

So, I’m sorry about that Dopefish, but as far as I know it just generated that address randomly.

Yeah, that comes from (I set up a seperate one to avoid being bombarded by forum reply notifications).

i get loads of those, anthing with attachements that i have no idea about i always delete…
Remember those “love screensavers”? I got loads of them from places like ""