Virtual On

Just wondering, what with the large concentration of Sega fans around here, if there are any other rabid fans of this game round here? I played the original to death on the Saturn (heck, I played the demo more than I’ve played plenty of full games).

Just two reasons for posting this thread:

  1. I always wondered, from fans of the original’s perspective, whether Oratio Tangram was any good.

  2. I want to reminisce in good company :slight_smile:
    Got any favourite/most hated characters? I only got to play single player seriously, but I imagine I would’ve played multiplayer mainly as Viper II (who my usage % was at about 22% for - easily the highest). For some reason I found Temjin much easier to get a quick completion time with, though.

I have kind of a soft spot for Bal Bas Bow, crap as he was.

And some good memories with Apharmd and his Tongfer :slight_smile:

But my second favourite would have to be Dorkas. I loved the hammer-through-phalanx-curtain effect.

I’ve never played OT thanks to SoE deciding it wasn’t worth bringing it out over here.

I’m a huge Vyper fan myself, or Raiden. I pretty much own everybody with those two.

I believe Megatherium is a fan of the Virtua On series.

I used to play the original arcade game a lot when it came out along with Daytona. Personally, I was disappointed with the Saturn conversion because the Saturn’s graphical limitations forced Sega to downgrade the game, and as a result, every explosion was basically an expanding net curtain. The PC version is supposed to be arcade perfect but I’ve never played it.

What I’d love to know is: why didn’t the Dreamcast conversion of Virtua On 2 (and D2) reach European shores? That was a mistake IMO.

have you been stalking me!? :smiley:

yes indeed, i do enjoy VO. as a child i played VOOM in the arcades a lot, but neglected to get it on my saturn until a few years ago. i personally thought VOOT was the greater game, and i played the hoohah out of it back in the DC days.

my forte was RVR-87 the specineff
i also played a good battler
and sometimes i could be clever and tricky with bal-bados

I played it on a Sega Flash demo disc recently (recently as in… 3 months ago x.x). It seems pretty cool if you had time to get used to it, and if i had bought it back in the day i would have been a big fan. Its just that it takes a lot for old games to impress now… unless you have had nostagic experience with it (imo of course)

Count me in too. I’m a huge fan of the 1st 2 games.

The Saturn game was good, but DC VO II is just somthing else. Imo it’s the best Arcade to Home port ,that SEGA ever done in thier history.

The graphics are insane, with 60 fps no matter what happend on screen (and trust me there’s loads), and even to this day, the game features some of the best textures ever.

This is the best looking DC game. It’s also the 2nd Deepest Fighter ever made, with only Evo beating it.

But why was it never released in Europe?

Eeee… one of my favorite Saturn games. I kick ass with Temjin and his flying stab thingy. Heh heh…

I kind of want it because it’s so popular but I heard that it kind of lost something without the “twin sticks”.

Oratorio Tangram is the best one in the series, it even plays good with a controller!

Unfortunately I’ve only played the Saturn version of the first game, but I really enjoyed it back in the day, especially the multiplayer mode. It’s really been years since I played the game; I think my most-played character was Temjin though, and I remember beating people up with Fei-Yen quite a bit. I never did play the arcade version - in fact I don’t think I ever saw it - but that might have been for the best; as Geoff said, the Saturn’s arcade conversions were notoriously toned-down, so I might have been a bit unimpressed by the home version’s graphics.

I loved Virtual On, it was awsome! I really kicked ass on my Saturn, it’s one of the few games I could actually get really good scores on (normally, even in games I love, i’ve never been good at the whole score attack thing). My favorite machine was definitely Vyper 2, who I could get a ridiculous clear-time with. I only have one friend who I ever played this game on multiplayer with, and I kicked him in most of the time, although he did manage to get a win or two in when he went Fei Yen, thanks to her powering-up when her health gets low enough, which annoyed me a bit.

Unfortunetly, I got so used to playing on my saturn, that when I finally found an arcade machine, I was terrible with the twin sticks, and spent most of my time spinning. I think I died in the 3rd level and got a bit pissed off at it.

I never got the chance to play VOOT though, thanks to Sega not releasing it over here. I could have cried when I heard I would never get it for my Dreamcast, because the first game was so awsome :’(

I never played the Arcade either. Net-curtain graphics didn’t bother me, but I thought it was a shame they had to flatten so many of the arenas in vs play.

Anyone remember roughly what times they got? I *think *my best clears for Viper II on hardest difficulty, best of 3 rounds, infinite time, were just getting into the 7s (ie. about 7mins 50+). I played through once with Jagurandi, completed it in something ridiculous like 4 minutes, and swore never to tarnish my top 10 scores again with such a cheap machine.

Then I saw a magazine score of something like 6:30 or 7:00 with Temjin, got all irritated, and had a go - first try I got about 7:30 (I hardly used Temjin), and again decided that I didn’t want to knock off any of my hard earned Viper II scores with a character who was evidently better for clearance times.

Anyone wanna talk tactics? I’m intruiged by the Raiden player… I always thought of him as a bit of a beginners’ character, good for blasting away 1/2 the life from a slow-starting opponent, and with an ok laser boost, but not up to taking on the faster robots.

I also completely forgot Fei Yen, who’d probably be my second best for multiplay, though she was *awful *for time attack. I’m surprised more Viper fans don’t like her, considering their relatively similar styles.

I never found that any use. Most opponents sidestepped it easily. Viper II’s meteor attack, on the other hand… :stuck_out_tongue:

6 mins?! PFF. I once got 4:12 with Raiden.

I hate Fei-yen. Badly. To say her and Vyper have similar styles is like saying Jesus and Mohammed have similar styles of teaching. Fei Yen’s main weakness is, whilst dashing, there is a 1.5 second delay between the attack button being pressed at it actually firing. The bowgun is all but useless, and the heart beam sucks. Even when you go Gold (i.e. you lose half your energy, the extra power is not really worth it. Oh, and she sucks at close combat. Vyper excels her in almost every way.

Raiden is the god of Virtual On. There’s only two opponents who can dodge the Laser Cannon right at the start of the fight (Fei Yen and Apharmd), so that’s half their energy gone straight away. Utilising dashing strikes with the bazooka and throwing G-bombs everywhere really mixes the opponent up, then you hit them with a crouching laser that they could have sworn they would dodge…

Vyper is my favourite for more fun play though.

Nice :slight_smile:


Yeah, but unlike Viper she doesn’t freeze at the end of a dash-attack. And I think the bowgun’s great :slight_smile:

Huh? I’ve never had any problems dodging the first blast with any of the characters.

Ditto. Well aimed lasers can be nasty, and the bazooka’s ok but nothing special, and Gbombs take forever to get anywhere. Add in a feeble jump and uninspiring boost attacks, and Raiden’s got real problems hitting or avoiding any jumping opponents.

Would be interesting if we could find some way to play sometime…

Yeah… him and Dorkas are my picks for entertainment value. And maybe Apharmd and Temjin on the rare occasion their close-up weapons do what they’re supposed to :slight_smile:

o_O you mean walking? i can tell you with certainty that any of the VRs can dodge by dashing or jumping. the master raiden players focus on stun fields and right trigger attacks. i’m told that his lasers are the n00b cannon :smiley:

anyone here unlocked ajim in voot? i played all ajim vs ajim matches against my friend from midnight to sunrise. i feel that i learned something from that experience… or almost died- not sure which.

my problem with fei-yen is that she is extremey straight-forward. i like to employ some tomfoolery in my style but she doesn’t have enough variety. it’s impressive if you are good with her.

go spec! go spec! yay specineff!

No, I mean dashing. I’ve played my mates loads of times (they usually go Temjin or Dorkas) and they can never dodge it, seeing as I’ve perfected the technique of firing at 0.04 seconds into the match. Dorkas, Balbasbow, Belgdor and most of the others can’t dodge it because they are too slow in terms of reaction times to the command. Temjin manages to get to the side but gets clipped. As for jumping, the laser homes in on the target, so it fires up with them!

that’s really weird, i never had any problem with anyone getting away from those lasers. do you think something might be up with your game or controller? i doubt this would help you practically but see if you can do some kind of crouching move that keeps you down for a little while - in voot i could often times dodge his lasers by crouching under them.

example: i’m closing in on the target as specineff doing a mixture of diagonal dashes, raiden sees this and fires lasers to the side to intercept me, seeing the lasers fire i initiate a couching-dashing attack and slide under them while firing off some attack that may or may not be intended to hit them.

i remember this epic battle i had against a friend where it came down to both of us with 10% health (roughly) and in the final act i dashed straight at him from long range, he opened up his lasers, i did specineff’s special attack where he crouches and rushes along the ground (drains all of his guages) and i went right under the lasers and hit raiden in the feet. my friend thought he had won right up until it started playing the replay where it said i was the winner XD

Raiden most likely was powered down for OT.

I only played VO1 and I agree. Raiden has to hunch into his laser blast, and it’s fast but not instantaneous, so if you assume it’s coming it’s child’s play to dodge. With Viper 2 vs Raiden I’d often start with a diagonal-forward dash and vulcan blast - if they tried to zap me they’d be frozen while it knocked them down.