Video capture cards n stuff

I was walking along the other day, listening to my (oh so crappy) MP3 player, when I decided to do one of my favourite mental exercises: creating music videos in my head.

This led me to thinking: “Panzer music videos are almost entirely Saga based, but Zwei and Orta have some pretty cool cutscenes. How would you capture footage off of them?”.

Someone has since told me of the existance of video capture cards. Anyone use one on a regular basis, and can recommend an inexpensive one?

Heh, you make music videos in your head, too? I thought I was the only one that did stuff like that.

Yeah i do that too :anjou_embarassed:

Anyways my best guess would be to get a TV card, connect your saturn to it, then find some software on the net to record as you play

another way to do that would be to download a program called fraps (, which lets you record in-game. cant see any reason why it wouldnt work on an emulator. after that get a video format converter to change it from raw avi (i think), wich will hugely decrease the amount of disk space the video takes up. hope that helps.

just realised that fraps can only record up to 30 seconds at a time unless you ‘register’ which costs 37$, sorry bout that.

not on my version >_>

you mean theres a free one twitch? where did you get it?

hehe, a bit illegal
quickly looks around for gehn


nah i think it was just someone elses registration details

Well, it is basically all of the typical gubbins and peripherals that you’d expect to accompany any console, to be frank. Portable memory cards, link-up cables, wireless controllers, and all of their ilk. Certainly nothing that shall shatter the benighted paradigms of gaming accessories that have prevailed up to now, anyway. :stuck_out_tongue:

Someone posted on the wrong thread eh? Anyway… I just linked to the page, I never said it’s anything special :anjou_sigh:

Well, I was replying to Scott when he complained that he couldn’t access the webpages, not criticising you for putting the link up.

…and yes, it looks as if I did end up on the wrong thread. :anjou_embarassed:


ok well thanks anyway =P

Arcie: If you do end up getting a TV Capture Card, make sure that you get one that excepts a 60htz signal. The one I ended up getting only allowed for games to run in 50htz, which was fine for playing the PAL Saturn Panzer games, but made PDO run slower than I was used to. Something I noticed was that game was unfortunately not optimised to run in 50htz properly, and as a result the important cut scene at the end of Episode 7 became out of sync with the music.