Let’s talk vices, shall we, ladies and gents?

We’ve all got them, be them physical or mental; somehow everyone has something that’s in someway detrimental to their well-being. What are some of yours?

Me? I smoke (only casually, thank goodness I’m not addicted), am relentless in my sexual addiction, and I spend a more than healthy amount of time on the internet. Also, I like to drink lots of soda and I eat shitty foods.

Fess up, drones. You’re not all a bunch of “clean” individuals and you know it.

I am a caffeine addict, I am trying to cut down and it results with me becoming irritable. Not coffee either, Soda.
Also I procrastinate. A lot. I usually spend the time browsing at pointless stuff on the net, when I could be finishing up art projects that have due dates. I have one due soon in fact!
I need to get out of the home more often too, staying inside all day is not healthy either. Do not know this town too well though, I should explore it one day.

hmmm… nothing big really. oh well!

Excessive periods of time surfing the net applies to me as well - I can spend hours reading news articles, blog posts, forums etc. is the bane of my existence :slight_smile:

I learn lots of useless (and occasionally useful) things in the process, but I think if I spent that time focused on other things it would probably be time better spent.

That’s not to say I don’t live a healthy lifestyle as well (in terms of fitness, diet, etc), but the Internet does seem to take up a rather large proportion of my spare time. However, I’m the sort of person who gets distracted really easily, so I find other kinds of entertainment like TV can’t keep me absorbed for hours on end, unless I’m really interested in the programme.

As of tonight I have officially experienced the joys that come with a cigarillo. I bought about twenty-five of them, a whole box. Light, yet full of flavor. Long-lasting. The only thing I will say is that the aftertaste is rather “meh;” it cannot compare to that of a good clove cigarette.

I think I am the only smoker on this board.

I’m a smoker myself.I’ve been trying to smoke less and less lately and luckily I have good self control.

Also, I’m addicted to cookies since I was a kid.I’ve been called the Cookie Monster before.

Just like Atolm, I’m a world class procrastinator but that’s the one vice that doesn’t give me any pleasure.

Hmmm, apart, from that maybe video games provided I have new games to play around the house.But actually, this last year, for the first time I have borrowed lost of PS2 games fom my cousin and I haven’t finished half of them.I always used to finish my videogames but unless they grab me by the youknowwhats not anymore.

Maybe it’s because I’ve been quite busy with university affairs the last couple of months.

The internet, pomegranates, instant noodles, your mum, reading, rpgs (I’m currently trying to get the entire Tales of and Suikoden collections onto my computer), music, pasta, Harry Potter, Fire Emblem, Rp-ing and a bunch of other stuff. I also have this habit of “enabling” people apparently :’) and I’m not sure if I’m addicted to it but not taking anything seriously is something I enjoy doing too.

[size=59]And brushing my teeth, but you can just shut up about that.[/size]