Updates from Neil, former Penguin King

I know that I haven’t posted here in awhile, and I couldn’t help noticing Arcie’s little thread about me (How sweet of you, Arc :P)

Anyway, I thought it only fair that I inform you guy’s of my status, since I still probably won’t be posting so much for awhile.

Here are some questions you may be wanting to ask. I’ve taken the liberty to answer your questions ahead of time.

What have you been up to lately?

I’ve mostly been preoccupied with schoolwork as of late. I don’t really have too much time for art or poetry anymore, which is unfortunate. Still have good ideas though, just need to find a resolution to my time management problem so I don’t get rusty!

I started my sophomore year in highschool a few months ago, things are a little hectic (Currently taking an AP course [which is basically a college course.]) Taking two computer courses this year, Web Design and Communications Tech. I’m doing well in both classes.

I won’t lie. Most of my work and the source of my absence has been somewhat due to delusions which I’ve been experiencing for several months now. I believe that they may be induced by stress, but I’m not quite sure. I haven’t told my parents much about it, but they’re concerned from what I have told them.

So, big guy, how’s the lovelife?

I met a nice girl recently. We had something going for awhile, but she felt that things were going a little too quickly and she didn’t want a relationship (Usually I’d say that she was fucking with me and didn’t know how to tell me that she didn’t like me, but my bullshit detector didn’t go off, so I could tell that she was serious.) I was a bit upset about the whole ordeal, but life goes on. I’ll find someone someday.

checks the thread title Former Penguin King? Wtf?

Shocking isn’t it? I decided that my alterego as the Satanic Superpenguin Sex God was getting old, and came to the conclusion that I should drop the act and reclaim my true identity.

N. Coker.

Holy shit, Neil has officially turned from “Raging badass unaware of the concept of ‘conditioner’” to “Artistic New Wave Hippy.” Damn you, Culture Club!

So, how have you been affected by all the hurricanes pounding Florida every two weeks?**

Charlie missed me, Frances hit and messed up the backyard, Ivan wimped out on us, Jeanne acted as a “semi-Frances.” We’ll probably be hit by another hurricane with an equally unintimidating name soon, so I’ll try to keep you updated.

Overall, I missed three days of school due to hurricanes.

What games have you been playing lately?

To be honest, I haven’t actually played anything on a console in months. It’s unfortunate to say that I’m not much of a gamer anymore, I guess my passion for gaming was just sort of killed by the immense schoolwork and stress in my life right now.

I need to make some money, so instead of getting a job like a normal person, I’m going to do the cheap thing and sell some of my old consoles (Don’t worry, I’ll never sell my X-BOX or Saturn! wink wink)

What PD-related things are you working on at the moment?

I plan to make some emoticons for this forum soon (And you’ll be satisfied, I’m sure. My emotes kick ass :|)

I also intend to do some artwork soon, which should be good, because my skills and style have changed drastically over the years, in a good way.

Expect something in the vein of Nick Blinko or M. But PD-related.

Panzer Dragoon X? Give up on it?

No, I haven’t given up yet. I might finish it soon, just to get it off of my back. I haven’t updated it in about a year (Maybe more) and I know that I may never get another chance to update it once I’ve started. So it seems I’ll have to abandon my original vision, then simply use my superior creative writing skills to whip up an equally satisfying ending.

That’s about all for now. Hope your lust for me has been somewhat sated for the moment. If you bothered to take the time to read all that, you get a cookie.

And I had this picture of you and your penguins acting as martyrs to mother nature. What a goof.

You could have made something more humourous up. Maybe all the penguins got blown away by Frances, or something. But no, blame it on Boy George…

Too bad you won’t be posting as much.

Those delusions can’t be very good. You should see a therapist ASAP.

I love you.

Hey Neil, don’t worry about finding less and less time to play games, because it happens to all of us every now and then. Focus on what’s truly important for now, and spend your free time doing what you love (whatever that may be).

Change your freakin transgenic avatar!

I realized I might just be the only guy here who is taking things easy at school…

Anyways don’t take too long Neil.

I love neils avatar =)

anyway its nice to hear from you on the forums again, but i guess most of us havn’t had much time to post as regularly as we would like

Nice ta hear from ya.

And I’m diggin the sig. xD

Those delusions can’t be very good. You should see a therapist ASAP.[/quote]

Thanks for your concern, but unfortunately a therapist can’t do much more than give me medication. Anyway, I haven’t seen anything too weird in about two weeks, so maybe I’m improving a little.

Regardless of his douchitude, I’m still voting for him. Well, rather, I’d be voting for him were I elegible to vote.

Thanks man :slight_smile:

Don’t get me started, hotstuff.