Upcoming Games of 04

What games are you most looking forward to this year? These are some i’ll definitely pick up.

Ototgi 2: Immortal Warriors (Improves upon the original in every way.)
Metroid Prime 2: Echoes (Can’t wait to see how multiplayer works out!)
Halo 2
Donkey Konga (Played it at a Gamestop and got addicted!)

Those are the only ones i’m sure about, these are some i’m gonna wait for the reviews on though.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders

Many people are talking about Fable like its going to be the second coming, but to me it still looks to iffy to tell. Hopefully i’m wrong though. What games are you looking for?

Ahem, that’s “Otogi” :wink:

Anyway, here’s the main ones I’m looking forward to this year:

Halo 2
Otogi 2
Mechassault 2 (didn’t like the first one, but the second looks much better)
Kingdom Under Fire: The Crusaders
Half-life 2

Too bad games like RE4 and STALKER were pushed back to 2005, but I guess that’s not such a bad thing since the rest of this year seemed pretty packed.

Halo 2
Paper Mario 2
Donkey Konga

Lots of other stuff im missing for sure…

Halo 2
Half-Life 2 (if it actually comes out)

I can’t think of anything else that I’m really looking forward to, but no doubt something will come up that’s fun or original.

Half Life 2
Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines

I’m sure there’s others but I can’t think of any at the moment…
These will do for now :slight_smile:

The only game I’m looking forward to in 2004 is Headhunter: Redemption. When is Dragon Age set for release? The spiritual sequel to the original Baldur’s Gate should, dare I say, exceed my expectations.

I never thought I’d say this, but I’m starting to find less and less time to play games these days. I may have to give up addiction to games in the near future in order to give my real life my undivided attention. Damn.

My friend keeps nagging me to play an online multiplayer RPG for the PC called Lineage 2. Just by reading about the game, I know I could quite easily lose myself in such an expansive fantasy world. I must resist temptation…

Yeah I forgot about Headhunter. But whenever it gets close to release it gets pushed back a month, but hiopefully it will come out this year.

How come you aren’t interested in Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines? I thought you’d be all over it seeing how you like RPG games… True it’s a FPS hybrid but it hasn’t lost any of it’s RPG roots either it seems…
I’m hoping it will be everything Deus Ex 2 should have been and more.

Metroid Prime: echoes (seeming as I started actually saving for it a while back and it’s expected for winter =\ )

Halo 2

and not much else till 2005…like the new Zelda for example and the DS.

I want to wait and see how the gaming press feel about the game before deciding whether or not I should buy it. I’m more interested in RPGs like the forthcoming Dragon Age, Fallout 3 and Neverwinter Nights 2 (RPGs with top-down perspectives and party-based combat).

There was only one RPG I really wanted more than anything else in the world, but someone, in their infinite wisdom, decided to deprive me of it until the end of time. On the flipside, I’m going to buy a Playstation 2 soon since it seems to be the RPG fan’s console of choice. Other than the Final Fantasy games, what RPGs do people recommend buying for this overrated console?

[quote=“Geoffrey Duke”]

I want to wait and see how the gaming press feel about the game before deciding whether or not I should buy it.[/quote]

Well we are talking about games we look forward to, it’s not like you know for a FACT that Headhunter: Redemption will be a great game that the press will love and so you will be able to buy without fear… The first game was average after all, there’s no quarantee this won’t be either… And when I say I look forward to a game I obviously don’t mean I’ll buy it if it ends up crap…

Anyway, I hear good things about Xenosaga but you will propably hate it since ppl say it’s got a huge ammount of movies - almost more movie than gameplay, and in a lot of parts more movie than gameplay for real - so it will propably make you feel it even more linear and unlike the western RPGs you love… Xenogears was amazing though and they say this is it’s “spiritual sequel”, if that’s true it’s got to be a good game (though xenogears wasn’t more movie than game)… But I can’t confirm since I have only really seen a few screenshots and nothing more. Then there’s things like Dark Cloud 1 & 2… And I believe there is a Suikoden sequel on it… Suikoden is a MUST HAVE series in my opinion, great games.

I advice you track down and play the original Xenogears anyway, it will most likely change your mind about Squaresoft… And you should also get Suikoden 1 & 2 too (by konami). I’m not sure if there’s also a third game on PSOne or if the third is the PS2 game… Just track them down and find out yourself, they are definitelly worth it.
If anything you can play them on an emulator if you have a gamepad (console games suck with keyboards, even rpgs that mostly just require one button and the arrow keys, they just don’t feel “right” on PC imo). ePSXe is the best PSOne emu with Pete’s GPU plug-ins being the best choice for graphics in both performance and compatiblity, it should run most games flawlessly like that with minimal configuring required even on weaker PCs.

I thought Headhunter was great, and if the sequel contains more of the same gameplay, then there’s no reason why I shouldn’t enjoy that too. Bloodlines is like nothing I have ever played before, so I reserve judgment.

The Playstation 2 can run a vast majority of original Playstation games, so I plan on buying the original Grandia and the Lunar 2 remake – RPGs Sega never translated for the Saturn. I shall check out those other, more recent RPGs you mention too.

Well I just got a Gamecube… So i’ll keep an eye out on this topic to see what good games will be released on it :slight_smile:

You should definitely buy Resident Evil 4. Damn I want that game.

RE4 grabs my interest because Capcom are actually doing something new with the series. I’m not sure how tense or frightning it’ll turn out to be, as the E3 demo seemed really action-oriented (in a non-stop-slaughter kind of way), but I’m glad they’re not just churning out another unoriginal sequel / prequel. The next-gen Resident Evils so far have been nice, but only graphics seem to separate them from the 32-bit games.

I’m sure moving the Resident Evil series onto the GameCube cost Capcom more money than it has earned. Like Nintendo, Capcom is notorious for milking its franchises to death, but Shinji Mikami seems to be taking the Resident Evil series in the right direction (i.e. in a new direction). After all the swipes he’s taken at Sony I wonder if we will ever see another Resident Evil game headed by him on a Sony console…

I just discovered that the Playstation 2 has dropped in price in England. I still can’t understand how anyone can justify a ?100 price-tag for a console that isn’t even that much more powerful than the Dreamcast (and less powerful in some respects), but I suppose now is a good time to buy one. All those cheap games are calling out to me.

The reason I bought a Gamecube was for RE and Metroid. WIth RE4 I hope the action sequences and new camera don’t ruin the feeling the other games have created. I am glad that capcom didn’t just reuse the old Umbrella Corp. story.

As for Playstation 2 I believe the only reason it’s the most popular percentage wise is because the average person just sees that there are more games on display and they see a company that they have been buying electronics from for years. While with Microsoft people think right of the bat about Windows, which has had it’s fair share of moments in history, and not all good. The fan base that was established by the N64 has grown up now and moved on, while at launch GameCube at a quick glance was very oriented towards the younger generation. By not changing much I think Gamecube lost more Fans from N64 than it could have gained and is only now making it back.

Playstation doesn’t have to be the most powerful, it just needs to be the most widely seen.

Halo 2
Dead Or Alive Ultimate
Half-Life 2

Thats it so far. :slight_smile:

I am afraid that I am obliged to respond to this inquiry in a somewhat unusual and anomalous fashion - having been raised upon an exclusive and unrelieved diet of Sega consoles since my parents purchased a MegaDrive II for me as a Christmas present in 1992 or 1993, I was literally, physically incapable of owning any of the new seventh-generation consoles such as the GameCube, Playstation 2 (may God’s most wrathful curses light upon its hateful producers), or X-Box - the immense trauma that would have ensued had I tortuously and arduously wrenched myself from the comforting boon of the True Way was too great for me to summon the courage to withstand. Counteancing the purchasing any new console caused my stomach to churn as if I was considering a career in prostitution, and it is likely to remain so until Sega releases its new, phenomenally successful machine, the GigaDrive (well… one can live in hope, can’t he?).

As a consequence of this (although of course I continue to pursue contemporary gaming news) many of the titles I am eagerly anticipating the opportunity to buy are old examples of retrogaming - The “Attic Attack” sections at GameStation stores are veritably manna from Heaven as far as old Sega games are concerned, and I have been able to aquire almost twenty MegaDrive, Saturn and Dreamcast titles at ludicrously cheap prices (two pounds apiece!) in the past six to eight months, and am sizing up a Mega-CD in the hope of stumbling across Snatcher, Slipheed or Sonic CD. Currently, I am preying on copies of Cannon Fodder, Shining Force II, and Gunstar Heroes that saunter about Ebay, and am regularly visiting my local GameStation in a desperate, deluded and futile expectation that I’ll find a Dreamcast copy of REZ on the shelf one day… why, oh why, didn’t I buy it when it was first released?

But what about PC games, which are not contaminated by the blight of S*ny? My primitive Pentium III, with a graphics card that I do not even know the name of, possesses an 810 Megahertz processor and very much the only games it doesn’t struggle playing are Starcraft and titles from the Cover Cds of Retro Gamer magazine. As such, unless I thieve a laser-cooling system from the National Physical Laboratory so I can overclock my motherboard to oblivion, I won’t be playing DOOM III (minimum processing speed of 1.5 Gigahertz :expressionless: ) or Half-Life II

You could always buy Rez for the Playstation 2 (if I’m prepared to swallow my pride in order to play the forthcoming Shining games for the Playstation 2, then so can you), as copies are available at much lower prices than the average price of the Dreamcast version. No matter how good the game may be, nothing justifies a ?50+ price-tag when the Playstation 2 version can be bought for a fraction of that price. Where the Dreamcast version of Rez slows to a crawl in a few places slowdown is non-existent in the PS2 port, too, though it doesn’t look quite as nice apparently.

Judging from your conversations with the gamers who populate Shining Force Central, nothing led me to believe you were a Sega fan. With so many Square fanboys on the prowl, Shining Force Central sometimes reminds me of the festering cesspit that is GameFaqs. I’m almost grateful that Moogie still hasn’t lifted her ban on Final Fantasy discussion much to the chagrin of the Square fanboys we all know and hate from Gamefaqs.

Personally, I intend to buy whatever console Sega plans to shower with the most support from now on. The Playstation 2 currently falls into that category. I can’t help but wonder, however, if Sega would support the Playstation 2 if it had a choice in the matter (neither Capcom nor Sega have any love for Sony).