UEFA Champions League Draw 2


It’s that time of year again: The knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League.

Forum interest shall no doubt be fixed upon Gehn’s Porto’s clash with Inter (who shall pwn them), and Scott’s Man United, who meet AC Milan.

And because there are no teams that interest me in this draw (ie, they were all too shit to qualify :anjou_disappointment:), I think I’ll support Chelsea.

No way!The two best team meet each other right away.Barcelona - Chelsea (and vice versa) might just be the best game(s) of the year.

Porto got Inter.Even this Porto can beat Inter (and I’m not necesserilly saying this Porto is weak;but it ain’t as strong as last year’s for obvious reasons…)

haha “The two best teams”.
I think United can take Milan, I think Chelsea will beat Barca. Not too sure about Porto as you said Gehn… they are looking pretty weak, but still a good side. I personally want to get revenge on you >=)

This is where football gets interesting, can’t wait for the games! =)

I think it’ll be Juve, Inter, Chelsea, Lyon, Liverpool, PSV, Arsenal and of course, United :wink:

If you think we’re in deeper w00t! than Inter then you are blind Scott m’boy :stuck_out_tongue: