TWotA pwnage


Beaten at last! :anjou_happy:

Hey everyone.

(How did I miss that?)

Wow, was there really so many people online at once? Awesome.

I had wondered when the board was going to beat its previous record (quite long-standing, from my recollection).

We really ought to organise a ‘jamboree’ or something - get everyone online and posting at a specific time! :anjou_happy:

Why does the forum logo not appear on Firefox for me recently?

It did yesterday, but now it’s gone again. :anjou_sad:

Another question I’ve been wanting to ask - what is the preferred URL for the forum index? Is it or

I know you can omit the www or /index.php, but that doesn’t make any difference, right?

It shouldn’t matter what URI that you type in, either or will work. is just a sub domain which points to the ‘real’ forums folder.

Sorry I have no idea why the forum banner wouldn’t be displaying. I use Firefox as well, but I’ve never had any problems.

I wonder how these things happen.You see 2 or 3 guests daily and then bam!

possibly a forum made a topic “look at this!!!” links to twota
might have been matts pd promotional teaser even :wink:

My most-users-online count would own this one’s, if I had a forum.

Troll. :anjou_happy: