Two Boring Old Gits getting Hitched

What do people around here think of the arguably wedding of the year?
i’m talking about the impending wedding of Charles,Prince Of Wales and Camilla Parker Bowles.

I think i’m gonna hurl…

The same I think about every wedding.

Doesn’t affect me in the slightest. Not exactly a fan of the idea though.

I keep asking myself: what in the world did Princess Diana ever see in that man?


That’s a joke answer, right?

Took the words right out of my mouth.

of course

Who else here thinks that the Royal Family is nothing more than a glorified welfare case?
Honestly, they sit around on their fat asses, collect tax money from the people, and have no political power whatsoever? Do they actually work? No. WELFARE CASE. Period.

I think it’s great. That means that, according to law, that big-earred twat will never become king, since he’s marrying a) a catholic and b) a divorcee, both disqualifying her from joining the Royal Family.

Of course, in this crazy country we’ll probably end up changing the law to suit them…

Actually from what I’ve heard she won’t be given the tile of queen but Chrales will be king anyways.

It’ll be like in Holland then, where they have a Queen and… PRINCE! Or well… had, prince Bernard kicked the bucket last year.

Yup, that’s what’s happening. But she’s Anglican, not Catholic apparently.

[quote=“Raizen1984”]Who else here thinks that the Royal Family is nothing more than a glorified welfare case?
Honestly, they sit around on their fat asses, collect tax money from the people, and have no political power whatsoever? Do they actually work? No. WELFARE CASE. Period.[/quote]

Well not officially no. but if they wanted something done or covered up you can be sure that the secret services and the gverment would jump to their feet. look at all the propaganda on the british media making out that everyone in the country is ok with it and that this is some great love affair that finally gets its ending. They ruined an innocent woman’s life and took her title away. they always make her out to be some type of demon and it makes me sick. I for one won’t be going or watching.

Right, sorry if this spleen-venting is out of sync my normal temperament, but after three days of repeating myself with this with similar people on other forums, I’m getting thoroughly sick of republican prats now and am officially fed up. You know, I find it odd that people consider it quite legitimate and fair to be foul, vulgar, coarse, yobbish and abusive, and sling about ignorance, inaccuracy and slander as if it’s the gospel truth, whenever it comes to the monarchy, but if I dared to say “Raizen, you are an ignorant bastard twat and your mother is a fucking whore with gonnorhea” I, as the evil plumy-voiced subjugator of the masses, would be strung up for it. Of course, the ‘progressives’ and the ‘modernisers’ are They Who Can Do No Wrong, aren’t they? Oh you’re not just being childish and insulting, you’re being “audacious” and “radical”. It’s so much bull. :anjou_sigh:
Until you can learn to argue this issue in a dignified way instead of simply blinding yourself with prejudice, you won’t be convincing anything except your own little insular worlds of hatred.

ANYWAY - concerning Camilla Parker-Bowles, the impending Princess Consort (not Queen) - I personally can say that I’m relieved that this announcement has finally arrived. When Prince Charles inherits the throne, it will be far more moral for him to have a wife than a ‘partner’, and so I’d say that this marriage constitutes a positive approach to the future. I know that people are going to be dredging up the ogre of King Edward VIII’s abdication, but you should bear in mind that a monarch cannot act unconstitutionally if he’s acting on the advice of a responsible minister of government. King Edward VIII abdicated because Parliament believed it could no longer support him - however, Prince Charles’s marriage has the full backing of the Queen, Princes William and Harry, and the Prime Minister, so there are no legal wrangles to raise.

This occassion might also be an opportunity to show that Camilla is not the gorgon that she is commonly depicted as by the relentless Diana lobby - she’s quite an aimiable person, and the formalisation of their relationship will help this to become clear and smooth out any objections.

She may be the “Princess Consort” but that is open for change apparently.
She could still become the queen of this country which I for one am totally against as I find that to be abhorrent. I’m no republican but the monarchy is headed for dark days if Charles becomes king and brings that “gorgon” with him.

She doesn’t want to be Queen.

one thing I have wondered… what exactly does the queen do? Besides making long speeches and such.

Well, I waxed lyrical on the subject of the mulitude of virtues of monarchy in my “This is just getting stupid, now” thread in the Holy District.

However, if you’re asking what HM the Queen literally does physically, the Court Circular (the diary of royal engagements) is published every day in broadsheet newspapers - in the Daily Telegraph, it’s immediately after the letters page. It ranges from receiving ambassadors, to talks with the Prime Ministers, chairing meetings of the Privy Council, and attending all manner of ceremonies and events up and down the length of the country. She’s a very busy ruler.

Yes, the monarchy does actually have a purpose. Shock, horror.