Following on from Scott’s “friend” websites topic, I thought I’d talk briefly about one social network that I’ve come to appreciate. Twitter doesn’t try to be an all in one social application. Rather, it focuses entirely on a single feature and does it well: status updates. You can follow other people who you know and also people that you don’t know. The advantage of the latter is that someone could post a question or idea and all of his/her followers would receive the message and have the opportunity to respond with their thoughts or answers even if the person posting the original message wasn’t following them.

There are some really useful features, such as the search function, where you can search everyone’s twitter feeds for updates on a certain topic. E.g.

So, does anyone else here use Twitter? Uriptical is my username.

to be honest, ive stopped using facebook. in fact i can’t stand it now. its become wayyy too overused as an extension of life.

to me, facebook invites =/= real invites.

I’ll check out this twitter thing tho, sounds good