Top Six Posters

  1. Gehn, 3128
  2. Shadow, 2524
  3. Neil, 1435
  4. Geoffrey, 1378
  5. Arcie, 1073
  6. Solo, 1010

Now… who thinks this is going to change drastically if you take away most of the posts in the Liberal District? =P

Not nearly as much as Berserkers post count will!

Won’t he be left with like, 5 posts?

Hang on. Holy shit. I’ve got 1000+ posts. I was counting down for AGES then I completely missed it.

You delete most of these posts, and Gehn would still have over a thousand.

I think I sugested this before to Solo : remove post counts.Only titles would stay.

What? Why?

I’d be happy to get over a thousand… But I can’t, because I am lazy.

I don’t like post counts.They are evil.

… I am proud of my post count. pets post count I taught it to sit and roll over yesterday.

lol, Orta :slight_smile:

Anyway, I’m not exactly sure why you’d want post counts to be removed, Gehn? I mean, they’re a good reference when observing forum trends, etc, and they can help newcomers understand how often a certain person participates in the community.

Yes but does that really matter.I myself am tempted to judge people by their post count…

Then you’re a shallow individual.

Ill take that as a complement.When I say I’m tempted I mean when I’m in a new board.

Or do you think I have YOU in higher consideration? >D

No, I didn’t actually. I thank you, however, for admitting that you like to raise your post count at the beginning of a new board though.

1-I dind’t specify which (poor post counted or high post counted) persons I thougth were “best”

2-Just cause I’m tempted to have one of those two in higher consideration it doesn’t mean I have a need or a wish to be like them (increasing my post count to be taken in high consideration)…

at least i am above chuck :slight_smile:

Gehn, I invite you to review the guidelines, in particular #3, I believe.

Your making your minds about my opnion based on something that doesn’t exist…

Yes I red that.

Post counts are evil! They are always there…staring! Sees it run off with a knife having missed its oppertunity o.o I rather not have it…

Winged Death, when numbers start attacking you, that is a sign that you are going bat shit crazy…