Those without The Saga

Thought we could hear some sad tales of…

Who still hasn’t managed to get hold of Panzer Dragoon Saga and what have you done to try and get hold of it?

I was lucky enough to buy this game when it first game out, but i liked to hear some really sad tales. There maybe a prize for the saddest story.
No fibs, I’ll know.

Me, and I’ve done nothing to get it. . . Though, I do plan to in the future.

Like you, I got it early… pre-ordered it from some game store in some city.

:anjou_embarassed: Well, it was a while ago; can’t remember much!

Maybe this is the saddest I already have the game but unfortunately my little baby cousin thought it was a frisbee and played with it scratching the data side (the side which has the illustrations) of disc one and two :anjou_sad: ain’t that sad enough?

gah!! mourns its loss

I got mine when it first came out. will part with it over my dead body! :anjou_angry:

First of all welcome JAK. :slight_smile:

I have a similar problem to xlagi’s.My PDS Disc 4 is all scratched but I don’t know who did it in order to channel my anger :anjou_angry:

Luckily I found a company who specializes in polishing scratched CD’s and I’m gonna send them my cd in a week or so.

You fool. You should have invested in a security safe like me.

[quote=“Gehpnaet”]First of all welcome JAK. :slight_smile:
Luckily I found a company who specializes in polishing scratched CD’s and I’m gonna send them my cd in a week or so.[/quote]

The scratch of my cd is unrepairable because as i wrote before the scratch is on the data side, where the illustration and sega logos are located. I have a game doctor which I use to repair scratched cds and it comes with a resurfacing liquid. :anjou_sigh:

You fool. You should have invested in a security safe like me.[/quote]

If I know that a time like this will come that PDsaga will become very precious, I should’ve invested on a security safe like you :anjou_happy:

The data side is suposed to be the grey part not then illustrated part.
Well actually calling them sides becomes pointless at a certain point.

The data is stored just under the protective label on top, whereas the grey/silver side protects the data more (from the CD player’s laser I guess). It’s always better to place your discs with the label side facing upwards rather than the other way, because it’s actually worse to get the label side scratched, contrary to common belief.

I dind’t know that.Interesting.Forget what I said xlagi.

Huh, I didn’t know that either. Good to know.

No harm done Mr.Gehpnaet :anjou_happy:

I never knew that either… interesting! It shouldn’t affect me too much though - I try to keep my CDs in cases.

Of course, that doesn’t always keep them safe - ever had one CD which you just always manage to drop?

I never expected the label side to me the more vulnerable one, though - that was one of those ‘you learn something new every day’ moments. :anjou_happy:

Haven’t got it yet, nor do I plan to. Guess that makes me an outlaw here. :anjou_love: I never played any Final Fantasy game either, although every forum everywhere has had some reference or some form of romantic reminiscence to it, so I feel i’ve missed out of something important. I guess in those situations you just have to say that that ship has sailed and not give a moments thought to it.

Well as far as Final Fantasy is concerned you can always find copies going around since the series is so popular so that ship hasn’t really sailed yet, it’s just not a ship that’s really worth getting on. A standard rpg series really, pretty generic by now. Of course that’s not the case for PDS which is a rare and expensive find these days…

I really got a bad story. I never heard about PD until Orta and I loved it from beggining to end and started to look into the others. Well, right before this last christmas I found a copy of Azel on EBAY with all four discs that claimed to be in nearly perfect condition. The guy’s record had only one or two complaints which i think was probably shipping’s fault since this was out of about 200-300 reviews of him. Well, I was willing to pay as much as $150 for it, but my parents wouldn’t let me. Something about internet transactions being the devil or something…anyways, I also found a sega saturn that was supposed to work also. Well, I thought, “Hey, maybe I would have had my bid beat anyway!” So then I go on ebay a little after the auction closed…and it closed at something like $57. Garrr! I wish I could at least find a rom of it and a saturn emulator that doesn’t require binary (the only one i found needed me to know some but I know little about things of that sort.)

I knew about the series before Orta, but only fell in love with it after that game and watching all the FMV’s in t Pandoras Box. Luckily my friend had a Saturn he was willing to sell to me for cheap, and I payed a hefty amount for Saga later on. I still need to invest in Zwei however.

You’re lucky.