This is going to make you freak

don’t worry it’s a music video, not one of those “BOO!!” flash animations. but the music video gets kinda weird by the end! might give children nightmares! - to watch the movie - to download?

post any cool music videos you can find or already know of!



hey, i just saw this old music video and it i thought i’d post about it in case you guys hadn’t seen it.

it’s an old kylie minogue video and while i’m not her biggest fan, i thought the video was cool. it’s for her “come into my world” song. i apoligize for the lack of linkage, but i’m sure you can find it on any file sharing program by searching for it.

the best way i can describe it is that it is a visual “round”. to elaborate: you know that little deal where a group of people sing delayed verses in succession? like:

one person starts “row row row your boat” when they go to “gently down the stream”, a second person comes in with “row row row your boat”. and that second person is always one line behind. and maybe a third and fourth person come in successively.

yeah… well it’s like that… except visual rather than audible. that was more complicated than i envisioned. anyway, you’ll just have to d/l it to see what i’m talking about it, unless you’ve already seen it. and if you have, post here and tell me what you thought of it.

i thought it was kind of tripped out! :smiley:

ok, um here’s a clip … 26&type=12

to download? …

i’m not sure if it’s the whole video but it’s a decent portion, and maybe that’ll be enough to to prompt you into getting the full and higher res version off of whatever sources for media you use.