This happened close to where I live … ed-robbers

I can’t believe this happened here. Me and my friend Catherine would often go to this store (she’s the friend I collaborated with on some of the pictures here). Catherine bought her Sega Saturn from here about a year ago, and I got her Panzer Dragoon Zwei for her birthday.

Troy, the owner of this Play N Trade is very nice. He didn’t deserve to have this happen to him. Catherine lives a long way away from where I live, so she doesn’t get to go to this Play N Trade very often. But Troy gave her his PayPal email so she can order games from him even from her city.

I hope the people who did this get caught. They have to. I don’t want them to get away with doing something so terrible.

Sorry to see something like that, it’s a messed up story. Gotta think anyone who would set a fire is just crazy anyway, unless they believed they had some grudge which could only be more stupid. I’m honestly not optimistic about our society right now, things like this can only be seen as fluke or symptoms of imbalance. Many people only want to consider the former though, and just let more prisons fill up.

I hope there is an accounting for it, so you all don’t just have to wonder why forever.