Thinking about getting a PD tattoo

I have a few ideas of what would be good, but anyone have any ideas or links to images that might look cool as a tattoo?

I know what I would do but i’m not talling you :slight_smile:
Do something about the thing you like the most in the PD world.

Tattoo a drone outfit on your whole body. Yeah!

lol I actually considered the whole drone outfit, but thought that would be a bit too much for me in the end.

I’m thinking of a tatoo myself.On my arm.

I’d say leave it be. XD Imagine that tattoo 50 years from now.

What’s the problem?(personally)I’ll always be a PD fan.Sure it might seem a bit quirky to have a tatoo based in a videogame but hey it was inspirational in many ways.And memories you get when your 11 tend to stick to your brain :’)

I vaguely remember that in one issue of the official Dreamcast magazine, a guy sent in a photo of a Panzer Dragoon tattoo he’d had done in the shape of the Imperial symbol; it struck me as kind of an odd choice, but not actually a bad one.

As for other things that might make a good tattoo: that’s a tricky one. My personal thought would be to go for something that just looks visually interesting in of itself, like one of the more abstract / symbolic designs from the series. (Something like, for example, the Azel “swirl” logo, thought probably without the words; the black dragon-entity-thing itself; a dragon crest sort of design; the weird dragon silhouette on the Japanese game discs; or just any kind of flowing lines-and-circles design as used on all the “Ancient” stuff in the series.) But that’s just me. :anjou_happy:

What ideas have you come up with yourself, calzvicsius?

LordCraymen has the Imperial Crest on his arm.

I’d go for the “Azel Swirl” myself.

I don’t think i’ve seen that dragon silhouette thing before, it looks kick ass! I’d get a tattoo of that… if I wasn’t so terrified of needles… and pain. :anjou_embarassed:

so… lordcraymen was in ODM??

That was Azel_Saga aka Cheesemaster from the old PD Yahoo club. I believe he’s posted on these forums a few times too.

I got a tattoo of myself over my whole body, only slightly taller.

(/Steven Wright)