The Will of the Ancients Updates Topic

I mentioned in another topic on the Holy District that I was considering making a sticky to post TWotA updates in. This way, people wouldn’t miss them easily, and wouldn’t have to constantly check the main page for updates if they didn’t want to. Whenever the main site is updated, either Geoff or I will post a reply to this thread.

So, firstly…

Update #97
Updated by Geoffrey Duke


  • A comic by TheSharpEdge and Nevey (funny stuff).
  • The Mystery of that Huge Gaping Hole (by me and edited here and there by Geoffrey Duke)
  • Two new MIDI’s by Matt (another Matt, not Shadow who posts here).

Links to all of this stuff can be found on the main page.

I just asked Solo, and it’s ok for other people to post updates on their own PD related websites here too. There have already been some updates on Panzer Dragoon Legacy since it was unveiled a while ago, and I’m currently working on a new section with Lance’s help, so expect another update in the near future. Currently, I’d like to mention that I’ve also written some theories about the Episode 3 area which you can read here. This area holds a lot of unanswered questions and comparing different ideas might reveal some details about this ancient city and the Fall of the Ancient Age.

I assume you’re both working on a Panzer Dragoon Orta story synopsis? Keep up the good work; I know fans appreciate it.

Actually, not yet. There’s three things I have in mind for the site: a Winged Death walkthrough, a PD Orta story synopsis and the new section we’re working on right now. But since I haven’t really revealed what the last one is to anyone, I might as well keep it under wraps until it’s finished :wink: I’m not saying it’s that special or anything, but it will be a nice addition to the site.

A new update at Panzer Dragoon Legacy today. Here’s what’s new:

  • the new Cameos section. As the name suggest, this section shows the references of PD Orta to the old Saga. Thanks go to Lance Way for helping me creating this section.
  • the prologue of my PD Orta story synopsis, which details the rise of the new Empire.

Since it’s better that this topic is kept for posts about updates only, I’ll make a different topic for people to post their thoughts about this update.

Hey, that Cameos section is a great idea D-Unit… I’ll be checking it out properly soon.

Also, the Will of the Ancients has undergone another update, which a bunch of new things, that include:

  • A new piece of artwork called “Blue Shadow” by Gorka Bolea
  • All of the dialogue from PDO (thanks Lance)
  • Lagi Development Theory by Megatherium (I’ll read this myself shortly)
  • A poem called “An Endless Journey” by Felix Malinkevich

I’ve updated the site again with a few things worth mentioning:

  • I’ve added two new images of the Light Wing to the section focusing on it in the Mysteries section.
  • I’ve added two images of Radgam’s gun to my character summary of Keil Fluge.

Credit goes to Lance way for capturing the screenshots.

I noticed the new update Geoff.

Geoff, you may want to check your math on today’s date. It isn’t the 13th of May =)

Oops, I typed in the numbers the wrong way around in my haste to update the main page.

Mwahaha, fear my uncanny ability to catch errors.

Hey, TWOTA is coming up for it’s 100th update. Is something special gonna happen with that?

Yes, Arcie. I plan to strip naked for you all :smiley:


Oh dear. At least let someone with a nice bod do it, like myself. :wink:


The bod is nice, but I’d probably have to wear a paper bag over my cranium. :frowning:

Ehrm, anyway…

I do have a few things planned for Update 100 including a new section, and a couple of other contributations. I hadn’t actually planned anything special, as my own big update (the new layout) only recently happened, but the new section will be great, trust me.

Okay, update 100 is up…

The new things for this update are:

  • The complete script from PDS, thanks to Lance.
  • A new “Characters” section (five new profiles).
  • A new comic called “Bigger is Better” by Nevey and TSE.
  • The updated PDS FMV script by Lundi.
  • A poem called “The Sleeping Monolith” by me.

Dammit, Lance! All this stuff you’re doing for TWOTA is making the rest of us look bad!

It’s probably making you look quite wise - as much as I enjoy doing work for the site, I don’t get paid an awful lot for it. :slight_smile:

And I made it into the comic!

I don’t really go around wearing a star-shaped MOD badge though, for those who were worried.