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[quote=“Lance Way”]
I don’t really go around wearing a star-shaped MOD badge though, for those who were worried.[/quote]

Same here for the kilt and Sonic T-shirt. Although I did used to wear one (the T-shirt that is).


As always, great work Lance.

I’m overhauling two sections of the site at the moment to bring them up to standard. Lance obtained a number of screenshots for me, but I’ve since managed to get Giri Giri working on my underpowered computer myself. So:

  • I’ve added some Giri Giri shots of Shelcoof to the section of the site where I’ve written about the mystery of Shelcoof.

I’ve also added a Giri Giri close up shot of the drone riding the Dark Dragon to my Dark Rider theory.



[quote=“Lance Way”]
I don’t really go around wearing a star-shaped MOD badge though, for those who were worried.[/quote]

Same here for the kilt and Sonic T-shirt. Although I did used to wear one (the T-shirt that is).[/quote]

I would be more worried that there was such a detailed guide for defeating Drenholm on page 500 something or another. 0_0
Although it made me laugh seeing the Mod Star and the sonic T-shirt! It was a nice good laugh, and we need more comics for that section anyways.


I, I’m a cushion?



Perhaps there’s some underlying meaning to this comic…? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


There’s a bit of an update at Panzer Dragoon Legacy today, as I’ve revised and improved the plot summaries of the Saturn PD games and the background story to the series in the “History” section. There’s nothing particularly major, but the improvements include the addition of new / better images and much re-written text, as it seemed a lot of it could be improved upon; D-Unit has kindly uploaded the revised content here.


Geoff updated the site a few days ago, so I’ll briefly list what was added/changed:

Update 101:

  • A picture of Orta by Behonkiss.
  • Two pictures of Lagi by Matt.
  • The Towers section has been updated.


Update #103 (update #102 was an improved Race of Drones theory):

  • Different Dragons Theory by Lance (Rewritten)
  • Nature of the Dragon Theory by Lance
  • A picture of the Tower of Uru by Matt
  • A MIDI of the fourth episode of Zwei by Matt
  • Cassini (the new version of GiriGiri) with the Saturn BIOS (seperate)


I’ve just updated the site again with a few things, namely a new music video…


Update 105 has just been added to the main page. Here’s what I’ve added:

  • A picture of Lagi by Pedro Pit?u
  • A Hunters summary by Lance
  • Sky Rider and Dark Dragon’s Rider Theory by Lance


Did anyone else have problems getting to the site last night?


Yeah, I think the server went down for a bit. That happens occasionally.


Is the picture of Azel on my tabs new? I haven’t noticed it before.


Noticed it today too.


Yeah, I just added it last night. I didn’t think it was really worth mentioning on the main page, but there it is.

I was thinking of making a seperate icon for the forums and the main site… any suggestions of what should be used for the icon?


I’d choose Lundi or Lagi for the actual website.


Okay, I’ve updated the site again. Check out Lance’s new PDS guide, it’s massive!

New stuff for Update 106:

  • A picture of Craymen by Pedro Pit?u
  • A PDZ Fanart by Igor Sandman
  • A PDS Secrets Guide by Lance

…oh yeah, and Gehn, thanks for the suggestion for the icon. After thinking about it for a bit, I’d like to keep Azel for the main site (the design is, after all, of her), so do you think Lagi or Lundi should go on the forums?


Excelent work Lance, this is really the style I’d like to see from hardcore fans more often.
All those memories came up from when I played PDS for the first time ( I had just graduated highschool), and I almost had to blink away a tear.

It’s really outstanding. Luckily I have a guy at work who know’s how to turn a normal XBOX in a devstation, so I hope I can take framebuffer screenshots from Orta’s Enemy section soon. Some of the new designs don’t suck that bad =D


And thus fans expectation are dumbed down.
Congrats Smilebit.:stuck_out_tongue:

Solo:Yes, I really think Lagi is the one missing (since the banner of the forum has the face of every other important character;except for Paet-san!!!)

Sidenote:I would like to know if the side boarders of phpBB forums (the big black box in TWOTA’s case) can be changed to other shapes.

Lance’s work is really cool.But there is one glitch I had that isn’t featured in there and it’s really strange.I only managed it once when I talking with Azel at the Seeker’s Stronghold campsite.She started saying something about Atolm I guess (i dialogue i never managed to hear another time) and suddenly we see an endless green floor (something like the Forest’s “floor” texture;when you are up there) with a black background and Edge and the dragon and everything else just dissappears and Azel is left alone sitting on her rock repeating that line (i forgot it) agehn and agehn…


Also, the “Relic - Shoes” are a item you can get ONLY by playing target practice with your dragon pup. Actually, I think the number (and type) of items you get from the thing is fixed, because I played around with it on one of my files to see just how many items I could milk from it and…it eventually stopped flying away (I think the last item it gives is an ambrosia. I THINK).