The Will Of The Ancients Member Topic - now with added zing!

realises how unnecessarily depressing half of this post was
edits accordingly
feels like a right tube

The blog! Now with less depressing crap from me! :anjou_embarassed:

This topic is for the members of TWotA to post about themselves, their lives, random stuff, the price of broccolli or just about anything really. Hopefully it will see at least one reply - 'twouldn’t be fair otherwise! :anjou_sad:

Anyhow… so this is my entry for the present.

My life has been getting a lot better recently and I have been feeling happier in general. I really feel like just shutting up with the moaning and letting myself be happy.

Since coming to secondary it is unbelievable how much I’ve changed. I need to step back and figure out who my friends are and who I want to be. For now, I’m most interested in getting a job and building on my interests, friendships and studies.

I haven’t been up to much recently - at all! I’m still unemployed and therefore (gracefully) skint. My holidays have so far involved a lot of sitting around my house either on some kind of computer, eating, listening to music or just staring blankly into space. So it’s all good!

Went to see Constantine the other day… okay… Let me just say that it’s a pretty heavy film. I actually thought it would be more supernatural than religious, but it seems to have more of a (however blasphemous) religious angle. I’m an atheist, so I don’t know what to think of it. I don’t think I’d watch it again, although when boredom rears its ugly head, there’s really no telling!

Aside from that, the only real notable (coughs) things I’ve done have been taking trips round town looking at all the stuff I want to buy and occasionally trying a little practise at football. Football, football, football… a sport which I rejected all my life only to discover that it’s actually pretty darn fun. While I’m only really interested in it in a ‘kick-about’ sense, the fact that I suck so much at it doesn’t help matters much! :anjou_disappointment:

On the internet, I’ve mainly been settling into my role as ‘little messenger boy’ between the various parties attempting to crack the Sega Saturn copy protection. I even made a virtual hard disk - I mean, Gmail account - to host various dumps of the data from the protection rings of Saturn discs. Whether anything comes out of this or not, I don’t know - but I would like to play some of those backups

Hmm, anything else… well, I’ve seen my girlfriend quite a bit and we had a fun trip around town looking at stuff we’d like to buy. We actually have all these plans for a great future together - damn they better come true! After I picked up an application form from Argos (hey Scott!), we took a look through one of their catalogues at cheesy stuff like tables, consevatories and other household goods.

I also got an application form for Dixons, who are actually currently looking for weekend staff. Hopefully something can come of that! I seem to be okay when it comes to electronic stuff, so it shouldn’t be any ‘biggie’. I have one for Maplin too and may pick ones up from Curries, PC World and/or B&Q. I understand that I must be sounding odd but I’m just keeping my options open!

Aaand… that’s really about it. Yup, I’m very boring (and have next to no social life). Roll on me getting a job, that’s all I’ll say! You guys can wake up and/or put your clobbering devices away now. Thanks for taking the time to (pretend to) read!

Of course, the point of this topic is so that those of us who want to can put up our own blog-type passages. I’ll probably edit the above when anything notable happens (heh) and I’d be interested to hear from anyone else who feels like posting! :anjou_happy:


I have a glass of milk. slurp Now I have a glass.

Hey, that was my rant of the year. We’re all entitled to one, right? :anjou_happy:

Besides, I’m no longer in that same fecker of a mood, so I edited my post to be more upbeat and sensible!


Yeah, sorry for being a right moany git. :anjou_embarassed:

Any other bloggage?

I think it says something about my rep that I can say something that’s just spam and people take it to be a deep philosophical insight.

Ha ha, well, everything means something.

Or something…

Anyway, you can relax now knowing that you have enlightened at least one person today! :anjou_happy: