The Towers, the planet's immune system or cleansers?

I’m still unsure as to if the Towers were protecting human beings by keeping their numbers to a minimum, or if they were protecting the planet by wiping humans out.

The ancients wanted to cleanse the planet in human blood and reshape it into something more to their liking. Humanity might’ve had a little disagreement with the idea, ensuing in a little war which permenantly scarred the planet.

The journal of Skiad Ops Endow confirms the presence of “people” in the Ancient Age who the ancients feared enough to manufacture vast armies of biological weapons.

The ancient humans, not the ancients, must’ve nuked the planet and therefore the Towers were attempting to regenerate the damage done, or they were built to render a new stable environment for the ancients who were an evolved race in comparison.


I know the non-Japanese Saturn games all state that humanity was destroyed by its own bio-weapons but this is simply untrue thanks to the wonders of incorrect translations. Bio-weapons did indeed destroy the ancient civilisation; however, human beings were the targets, not necessarily the creators.

Edit for clarification: The ancients were never stated to be human, just a race who built advanced technology, some of which remained after the fall of the Ancient Age.

Why would humanity build a network of Towers meant to reduce their own population? It fails to make sense.

We all used to think that Sestren turned on its creators because they threatened the very environment it was created to protect. And yet, the ancients who built the Towers intended to be resurrected. Thawed out from a deep sleep. They wanted to drag the planet through a carwash, killing everyone on it, and claim it as their own.

Another question in comparable standing must be: If the ancients were meant to be reawakened, it means that their bodies are still on the planet. Where? And who is to say that no one has found them before?

They would be well-protected by Sestren up until its demise.

True, but it doesn’t mean that no one ever found them. Whether the returned to tell the tale is another story.

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Theory: When the Divine Visitor “pushed the button” it turned off the Ancients life support system. After that it was 100% impossible for them to ever wake up again.

Maybe …

Geoff : You still think the Ancients to be alien because in your prespective they wanted to clear the entire human race…

First of all I think the Ancients were human and this is my theory :

The Anceints were normal human with advanced technology yet they were still afraid of the ever-growing monster population…
So they must have used the destructive power of the Tower (instead of nukeing it ) to destroy the world surface : completely!!
But they did this cause :

1-They wanted they were especting the Tower to “remake” the world with no monsters (their problem)

2-Because they had drones (who somehow where instructed to protect themselves from this ancient cathastrophy, maybe hiding within the Towers;this would exlpain those files in Orta’s Appendix which state that the Empire when it was still young found many drones pretending to be humans in the borderlands [hiding] ) programmed to resuscitate them (ancients).

So now they were in the perfect world : no monsters ,a new environment and their drones still alive “working” for them.And now you say : what bout the “real” humans?

I believe that the Tower can also “remake” humans…

my theory is:

the so called ancients were normal humans. their societey was at the brink of destruction because of the nearly total polution of the planet’s eco system (the price you have to pay for very fast technological growth) and ongoing decadency and vanity.

there was one fraction who had the insane idea to go into hibernation and wait 10.000 years until the eco system was cleansed and they could be resurrected. they built the towers and an army of powerful bio creatures to protect them. several measures and countermeasures were taken to make sure everything went smooth. like in a complex organism, there are always two hormones for every purpose, one that makes you tense, the other makes you sleepy to give a simple example. (blue dragon, black dragon)

not all humans went into hybernation though, for some reason they continued to live and found ways to adopt to the poluted eco system.
history became legened, legend became myth, blablabla.

10.000 years after the “fall” of the ancient civilisation the remaining humans are no longer human as compared to the ancients. they have adopted to a very hostile eco systems, with different mutated becteria, virusses, toxines and atmosphere.

i would say the story of PD is pretty influenced by “Nausica?” and “Green Legend Ran”, yet is still pretty cool and has lots of stuff to tell and explore.

but we wont see that anymore because the ancients are now DEAD… for really NO REASON… =/

The resources required to build the Tower network would be vast. A small faction, human or not, couldn’t build it overnight, no matter how advanced. At least in my opinion. The ancients must have been quite powerful indeed.

If the period of regeneration was intended to last 10 000 years, why didn’t Sestren simply shut down once that amount of time had passed? Sestren is clearly obeying his masters’ orders when fighting the Heresy dragon, which means the Towers weren’t meant to be vaporised until their mission was over and done with. That mission being the regeneration of the planet – a failure in all respects. If anything, the Heresy dragon was programmed for release once 10 000 years had expired, but I don’t buy it.

I don’t believe the ancients implemented their insane goal of genocide and regeneration without some kind of resistence. Bio-weapons wouldn’t be necessary if that was the case.

Another note: why did the Towers fail to rejuvenate the ecosystem?

The ancients planned to reawaken one day meaning they weren’t killed by their own creations. The whole ancient civilisation, however, did not survive.

[quote=“Solo Wing Dragon”]Spoilers

Theory: When the Divine Visitor “pushed the button” it turned off the Ancients life support system. After that it was 100% impossible for them to ever wake up again.[/quote]

I believe they died in this manner too. After all, Panzer Dragoon Saga was supposedly the final game in the series until Smilebit brought it back from the dead.

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]Maybe …

Geoff : You still think the Ancients to be alien because in your prespective they wanted to clear the entire human race…[/quote]

I don’t know if the ancients were human or not. I also don’t know if the Towers were built to wipe out humanity or keep its numbers to manageable levels.

I think the rampant biological mutations roaming about are the products of pure bred bio-weapons gone awry. Therefore they only existed after the fall of the Ancient Age.

Remember, the Heresy program was always meant to be activated, it was just activated earlier than planned. Thus the towers hadn’t had time to finish their task. I don’t know why Abadd was trying to reawaken his masters as it clearly wasn’t time yet. Perhaps whatever activated the Heresy started a whole chain of events which included activating Abadd?

I think now would be a good time for me to flick through old conversations with Abadd (the poster).

Geoff, the Towers have more than just one purpose but tha main would be…

…the control of all life in the world…

…not only human.

surely ‘maintaining life’ would be a better choice of words?

“…The Tower…
The legends say that it burned three continents in one night…
That is a power most safely controlled by the Empire”

cutting down on population is neccesary.

Like I said…

But it can destory can’t it?

This is a false question here Shadow…

Where is this said or written in any of the games? I sincerely doubt the Heresy dragon freed humanity from the shackles of the Ancient Age because it was programmed to do so. Surely not just for that reason?

Besides, the Heresy dragon was infected by an Impurity; we have no idea what that might be. A sentient programme hijacking another? Who can say?

I would say the Heresy dragon was supposed to be activated as soon as the planet’s environment was fully healed, if it was a part of the ancients plan. The planet wasn’t healed, so its activation was premature for a reason not yet known to us. Someone or some group of people activated it early.

I always got the impression Abadd was dug up by the Empire and thereby awoken. He was woken up early too; he was meant to awaken once the planet was safe for habitation for his masters. Things didn’t go according to plan.

What’s the Heresy program task?To destroy all Towers right?

What did the impurity do in your opnion?

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]What’s the Heresy program task?To destroy all Towers right?

What did the impurity do in your opnion?[/quote]

What Sestren called the Impurity in his memory orbs was sentient and within the black Heresy dragon. It could’ve been the green energy we see pouring out of its wound, which then found its home in a coolia – a malleable body it could then shape.

A rebel virus perhaps.

My theory for the failure of the Towers completeing their task is in the remaining human settlements that existed. As some of you have said, the towers may have been trying to wipe humans out and reshape the world. But as humans survived and continued they could have “unterraformed” the planets ecosystem against the towers designs. This would cause the towers main objective to go on forever.

As for the premeture startup of the Heresey Dragon, it could be the result of failure of the towers main function not being carried out as planned.

There are some good theories here…

Personally I think something very sinister happened in the Ancient Age. The Ancients, whoever they were, created dragons to guard their creations and a dragon to destroy their creations. Why? Was it a backup plan, or was the Heresy Dragon created to destroy the Towers once Sestren had completed its task?