The Three Magi

Forgive me if this has been brought up before, but who are ‘The Three Magi’?
It says on PDO’s official page that they were the ones who instructed the seekers to lock Orta up.

As far as I know, these Magi are only mentioned on the official site and nowhere else, not even in the game. I’m afraid there’s no other information about them.

I know, but I can usually relie on people in this site to give out a few theories.

Where exactly in the site??

I remember this. Interesting. I’m sure we all know what Magi are… but these cannot be the same kind of Magi. So how do these people fit into religion?

I think it simply means “wise men” or something in this context. They’re probably three old people that are currently the Seekers’ leaders, or have a large influence in the leaders’ decisions.

Yeah, I noticed this too. My best guess is that they were simply a group of revered Seeker elders who made the decision to keep Orta locked away, because (unlike Gash) they weren’t quite so down-to-earth. Orta said that the Seekers thought they would need her one day to help them in “war”, and they evidently kept her locked away because they were afraid of her. I expect that the “Magi” title was just superficial, because the Seekers did seem to be a fairly spiritual people.

They’re mentioned on this page, although to be honest I’ve seen better Japanese to English translations from Babelfish…

EDIT: Sorry that’s not actually a direct link, but it’s in the character description for Orta.

“We will give you frankinsense, Myrrh and Gold if you just lock that girl away. How bout it?”

I’ll just throw in a wild theory for you all to chew on:

What if they’re Gash, Edge, and Paet?

I thought Edge was dead.

[quote=“Shadow”]I’ll just throw in a wild theory for you all to chew on:

What if they’re Gash, Edge, and Paet?[/quote]

I did have a feeling Gash was involved, but not the other two.

[quote=“Shadow”]I’ll just throw in a wild theory for you all to chew on:

What if they’re Gash, Edge, and Paet?[/quote]

Yeah, I’m sure Edge would be the first guy that would wanna see his daughter imprisoned :stuck_out_tongue:

Paet is too nice for that too :stuck_out_tongue:

It sounded like Gash was pretty protective of Orta, too: in one of Sestren’s memory cells he says those lines “She is the seed of our future / we must protect it at all costs”. It seemed to me that Orta’s imprisonment probably came after Gash’s time. I’m not sure about Gash going around calling himself a “Magus”, either; he struck me as being a really down-to-earth kind of character.

Mwahaha, seems my little post had the desired effect =P

I agree though Lance, it seems to me that if Gash was still alive, these orders would not have been his will. So what may have happened to Gash if he was around and showed resistance to these orders? Maybe there was some kind of civil war within the Seekers.

How was she “the seed of our future”, though? I know this may sound farfetched, but is it possible Gash isn’t referring to Orta in both statements? It’s odd that he’d refer to Orta as “she” in one statement but use the pronoun “it” in reference to her in the next.

Perhaps Orta is the key to some grand lock the Seekers are also guarding.

Gash had no love for Azel and I believe he’d do whatever was necessary (including imprisoning Orta to keep her safe) if it meant protecting his people. We all assume Gash wouldn’t throw Orta into a dungeon, but is he really incapable of such an act especially in the light of his hatred for the weapons of the Ancient Age?

I thought that too, but then again it could be more or less about justified by Orta’s “unique” nature: girl and Drone, “she” and “it” at the same time. Not many of the lines in each memory cell are meant to be from the same statement either, so it’s possible that he was meant to have said those two lines on two seperate occasions.

Just a random thought, but are we really sure that those lines do belong to Gash? It’s just that they sound extremely similar to some lines that one of the Seekers in PDS says regarding Azel:

**Is she the one that Gash was
talking about?

She’s the one.
We must protect her at all costs.**

… and I can’t help but think they might be intended to remind us of those lines, and for us to think of this as old dialogue regarding Azel rather than new lines regarding Orta. All of the pieces of “old” dialogue in the memory cells are worded differently from when they were spoken in the previous games anyway, so that could possibly be the case here. Azel actually was the “seed of their future” too, as she freed the Seekers from the Towers; so that line would definitely make sense applied to her.

Perhaps Gash’s name is in the credits because of the single line “… the Ancients’ spirits are making sure of that”, which technically is new, and which definitely is meant to belong to him.

Or am I missing something?

I think Smilebt was a bit careful with the plot.I thing they tried to keep it linear sometimes.

That statement (Gash’s) would have to be understood by PD newbies so that they would automatically think of Orta.

Geoffrey:I’m sure Gash respected Azel to say the least.Even if ti was in memory of Edge…

I thought Gash’s words “… the Ancients’ spirits are making sure of that”, was a newer translation of a similar statement in Panzer Dragoon Saga: “But I’m sick of being kept alive by the ghosts of the ancient ones”. Wasn’t there a newer translation for Gash’s words “But we’re not really living, just being kept alive”, in Forbidden Memories as well? That and the initial statement I quoted almost belong together.

I believe the statement “She is the seed of our future” is meant to be a new line intended to refer to Orta (especially in light of the fact Orta means dawn or rebirth in Panzerese). It would explain why Orta was imprisoned, or kept safe. I always assumed the words “we must protect it at all costs” were meant for Orta, too, simply because they provide an explanation for why the Seekers locked her away. Maybe they were in fact meant for Azel…

I do strongly believe that at least one of those statements had Orta in mind for the sake of giving players a glimpse into her mysterious past.

[quote=“GehnTheBerserker”]I think Smilebt was a bit careful with the plot.I thing they tried to keep it linear sometimes.

That statement (Gash’s) would have to be understood by PD newbies so that they would automatically think of Orta.[/quote]

None of the other pieces of dialogue in the “old” memory cells are meant to be linked to Orta, though; they’re just random lines from the previous games, some more memorable than others. My point is, wouldn’t those lines make more immediate sense if they were just meant to be old lines about Azel? Perhaps we’ve been getting the wrong end of the stick for quite a long time…

I don’t believe Gash respected Azel at all. Remember, she did awaken the very Tower that released the bio-weapons later responsible for slaughtering many of his fellow Seekers – his own people. Gash needed Azel, but that didn’t stop him from hurling abuse at her the moment the Seekers revived her.

We assume Gash respected Azel, yet the Seekers didn’t show an ounce of respect for Orta. Gash hated the tools of the ancients that enslaved humanity, and he had no love for Azel. Why assume he respected her? Just because Gash was a main character that doesn’t mean he was any less human than the rest of us.