The Sonic bitching thread

Hey, if you’ve got stuff to say about Sonic, then say it here rather than in the Seeker’s Stronghold. Ta.

I was planning to buy both Sonic Adventure games for the Dreamcast not too long ago until I stumbled on a pile of criticism contructed in honour of Sonic Adventure 2. I think I will judge this game for myself.

[quote=“Shadow”]Sonic is just (in my eyes) a shambles now. A Sonic game with a decent plot is what Sonic Team really need to do. An RPG. And drop this amazingly immature style. I know Sonic is aimed at kids… but it’s just ridiculous how far it’s gone.

And get some decent lip sync going. Jesus.[/quote]

Do you know what I hate more than bad lip synching? No lip synching at all.

That’s true. You should buy Sonic Adventure 1 though. It’s a classic. Steer clear of SA2 though. It’s shit.

I’d just like to say that Knuckles should not have a hat, no matter how cool it is!

Whew, glad I got that off my chest.

Arc, you truly are the Third Mod :slight_smile:

Sonic Adv is the best game 3D platform game around.

I mean its got everything. 1 of the best games I have ever played.

I loved Sonic Adventure but couldn’t stand SA 2.
Mostly because of the fact that I always missed rails and fell of the levels way too often.
Sonic Heroes is no gem either.

I also think Sonic should be a bit edgier, he might as well wear a backwords baseball hat and say “Radical”.

SOnic Adventure 1, pure class
SA2, dont get me wrong its a good game, te Chao system is great, but doesn’t live up to SA1. No adventure maps, and characters are 2 similar. Tails and Eggman levels are borrrringgg. Storyline is good tho imo.
I only play SA2 for the Chao now anyways

I only play SA2 for the Chao now anyways[/quote]

Same here. Probably the only good thing about SA2.

I don’t know which sucked more; the Sonic/Shadow levels or the Tails/Eggman levels. Both made me SICK. Impossible to get a grade A on either of them.

And that’s another thing! Why use grades? The last thing you want from a computer game is to be treated like a schoolkid… plus you get bored with playing the same level again and again and again

The treasure hunting levels were OK, but they get boring after a while… they were a lot more exciting in Sonic Adventure 1.

(p.s: Bluefoot, what do you think about a campaign against hat-wearing echidnas? :D)

Nevey, I really don’t like saying this, but see Guideline number one on the first point, and on the second point, I take it you’ve never played NiGHTS?

How does Guideline #1 apply here? o.O

She said it’s impossible to get an A-grade. I got several A-grades on the shooting levels on my first time through the game.

So? Just because she sucks at it doesn’t mean she’s a dumbass o.o

Argh, dammit. I was thinking more of the original guideline on Shadow-Corp.


I’m down like a fool in a swimming pool.

We could have bumper stickers!

Shadow: If I sucked at SA 2, would I have been able to complete it? o_O

Arcie: It’s just my opinion. I don’t like the grading system. And may I point to Guideline No. 5?

Bluefoot: “Get the official cap and T-shirt!!” :smiley:

I suck at it. I completed it. It was more of a metaphor though. “If she can’t get A’s it doesn’t mean she’s a dumbass”

Ah right. Thank you for clearing that up :slight_smile:

I liked SA2… But not as much as SA1…
the best level in SA2 is the First Sonic level and Last sonic level ;p

City Escape is one of my all time favourite Sonic levels. Now just imagine if the rest of SA2 managed to follow up that level of quality instead of getting bogged down by shooting and hunting stages.