The Shenmue series

In your opinion.

In your opinion.

Wow, everyone has an opinion nowadays. How novel.



That site is hilarious! XD
Who th hell takes his/her time to put such things online?

[quote=“Gehpnaet”]That site is hilarious! XD
Who th hell takes his/her time to put such things online?[/quote]

:anjou_wow: You’ve never heard of Maddox!?


[quote=“Goonboy Panzer”]
NO ONE here has played a SHITE Sega game since 2001 to now. The majority of the games they have released have been good games and better than any of the shit that EA chucks out. [/quote]

Not to say that Sega couldn’t make a good game again (agreeing with you there), but this statement above, I have to disagree with. I’ve played every Sega game released since 2001 (in the US, at least), and I can probably count the number of games that I actively enjoyed on a single hand (post DC). I might need to borrow a few fingers from my left hand, but I certainly wouldn’t need to take my socks off and use my toes.[/quote]

I have too. It depends on the player but do you think they have been totally crap? Or just not up to a high standard? In good games I mean that they are average. I haven’t played a great Sega game since 2001 but I don’t feel that the ones released after 2001 have been rubbish games.
Just they’re not great games.

Also you have at least thought about the situation and are in a better position to judge Sega’s situation than the several soothsayers who like to predict doom and gloom in Sega’s future.

BOT: I played SHENMUE back in 2001 and enjoyed it immensly after I got round to playing the game. I was just totally captivated in this virtual world of Japan in 1986 and the many events that you do in the game. I enjoyed running/walking around solving the clues and hints to progress in the game.
I never got round to playing SPACE HARRIER long enough because it cost too much time and i wanted to progress in the game quickly.


[quote=“Gehpnaet”]That site is hilarious! XD
Who th hell takes his/her time to put such things online?[/quote]

:anjou_wow: You’ve never heard of Maddox!?[/quote]

The guy who thought it was funny to make a tasteless joke about Christopher Reeve two days after he died.

Now that you mention it I think I do recall him from a previous url quotation.

Heh… Imagine this. Goonboy and I are almost on the same page as far as opinions!!! What’s this world coming to?!? :wink:

But in all seriousness, you’re right. There’s only been a few “crap” games, but most of them are just inconsequential or unremarkable. I may not be able to judge many of the games objectively for whatever reasons (my opinions are sometimes swayed a little more extreme in either direction), but the proof is in the pudding. Just looking at boards such as this one shows that even Sega fans (not all, though) have been disappointed with Sega’s efforts.

My personal opinion? Without some MAJOR change within the Japanese development community (not just Sega), it will be more and more difficult for Japanese developers to keep up with western developers. I could go on for pages and pages (and trust me… I have before), but what it boils down to is that the future for Sega lies in SOA and SOE. We’ve already seen the beginnings of this shift: the acquisition of Creative Assembly, the announcement of games like Condemned, etc. While it may not be the exact content that fans are looking for (i.e. a new Panzer/Nights/whatever game from one of Sega’s Japanse studios), I personally feel that the level of quality in these games will be on par with the quality that Sega once represented.

Know what I mean? The games may be different, but the spirit would be revived, in a sense.

This is what I actually fear. To me the Xbox cemented the growing drift between the japanese and western markets on it’s surging popularity two years ago yet the japanese criminally ignored this machine at every turn.

It will be intresting if this trend continues. i feel the PS3 won’t be big in the west because Sony has burnt too many bridges with it’s customers while Xbox has given what the consumer wants.

Will the PS3 be the pc engine of the new millenium? Will the Xbox2 be massive in the west only? i don’t know but if this trend continues it will be damaging for the industry in the long run.

As for the japanese creative trend lacking,I agree with that(The world’s coming to an end ,I’m agreeing with Abadd :anjou_happy: ) and the stalwarts of japanese creativity like Sega,Capcom,Nintendo and Konami are all in a slump. They’re producing good games but not games that are
original,exciting and cool as they use to do. Not games worthy of their reputation.

I fear Sega will end up making too many mindless blasters like GUNGRAVE and not the deeply engaging modern quest of SHENMUE.

The ignoring of the Xbox was a mixture of short-sightedness on the part of Japanese publishers/developers, and the lack of MS’ insight into what the Japanese public actually wanted. There was no way in hell that a Japanese person would buy that machine. If you’ve ever seen what a Japanese apartment looks like, you’d understand just how much space the Xbox takes up. And I’m not exaggerating. It’s ugly, it’s big, and was marketed poorly. The publishers knew this, and just ignored it.

However, the rift actually started back during the PS2/DC “war.” That’s when things started to noticeably diverge… it just took a little while for people to realize what was happening. GTA3 really sort of sealed the deal and proved it to everyone.

PS3 will not fail, simply because the western developers will continue to support it, however.

As for Japanese development vs. western development… it’s simply a matter of philosophy. Most Japanese developers have their roots in arcade, whereas most western developers started off on PC. In the arcade, it’s all about the simple, quick experience. They concentrate on one or two aspects of the gameplay and make that as good as possible, and then all but ignore the rest of the game world. In PC games, it was all about the overall experience. You were in it for the long haul, so it was more about creating a varied experience, as players would most likely grow bored of the same mechanic over and over again.

This sort of mentality still exists in the minds of a lot of developers, and is what is causing a big portion of this rift, IMO.

Yes but none of the japanese support on the Xbox appealed to them either
apart from Ninja Gaiden. Maybe the same could happen here.

As for the xbox size,I’m sorry but i gotta disagree with you there. I’m aware on how small a japanese house and apartments are compared to western ones but I don’t think the xbox was rejected because of it’s size. We are talking about a country that produces those supersize tv screens on a regular basis which they originated so I can’t see them complaining about the size of a console compared to those tv’s.

Large flat panel TVs. All of my friends (ALL) in Japan have either small TVs or have flat panel/plasma TVs.

Japanese in general, with the exception of otaku and the like, rarely set up “entertainment centers.” They simply have a TV sitting on top of a table. There is very little room around the TV to put things… one of the primary reasons the PS2 was designed to be able to stand on its side.

You have to understand the Japanese mentality… they love anything that’s small. iPod is huge in Japan, but they prefer the iPod Mini over the normal iPod (quite the opposite in America), despite the lack of memory. Anything that’s smaller than it needs to be, and is extremely “gedgety” sells in Japan.

The Xbox? Ask any Japanese person what their first impression of it is: huge. The box is too bulky to put anywhere by the TV, and the non-flat top surface prevents you from stacking anything on top of it… another mistake. In addition, the dark green just doesn’t work from a Japanese aesthetic point of view (try showing any computer from Alienware to a Japanese… they’ll laugh). And the design is simply ugly.

Just sayin’ =\

Lordcraymen : if you are reading this (even tho it’s unlikely) here’s ^^^ one more reason.And thus my point is made.

Care to let me know what I’m being quoted for?

Nothing really.Just that japanese people are weird.

Not that I deny that in any sense, but they’re weird because their apartments are small and they prefer efficiency in design?

They are weird for a variety of reasons.And not buying a console just because it’s a bit bigger than ,say, a PS2 is pretty ridiculous by my standards.Unless you want portability in which case I would pick the Gamecube of course.