The Shenmue series

This topic is a bit on the old side, so I hope no one minds. Over the last couple of days I finally picked up Shenmue 2 and played through it for the first time, and I was quite staggered at how much I enjoyed the game; although it wasn’t without its flaws, I felt like it was one of the more satisfying games I’ve played this generation. I’m guessing that a fair few of you will have played through it too, so I’m curious, what are your opinions on the game - what do you think worked about it, what do you think didn’t work, and how did it compare to Shenmue 1 in your eyes?

And while the topic’s here, feel free to throw in your thoughts on Shenmue Online if you have any; I was kind of surprised when I heard it was being made myself. (And your thoughts on the series in general, if you like - who needs narrow topics?)

I had the old Dreamcast version. though it took me a while to actually get round to finishing it. I got to Kowloon and sorta got annoyed when I had to come up with a ton of cash to continue on with the story. but about a year or so ago I went back and replayed the first game, then tried the second again from start to finish and finally completed it.
the last part of the game was certanly strange. but the sight seeing was nice. ^^

the thing I was never keen on in Shenmue was the QTE events. probably because I was so rubbish at them. on occassion I had to sneak a peak at an FAQ to get the exact sequence on particularly long ones. <.<

and although I did like the games, I have to say there were many dull parts. really could have done with more action. the storyline honestly could have been more exciting in alot of places.

the GREAT thing in Shenmue 2 that unfortunatly isnt quite as well known about is the secret easter egg stuff. theres special medal fights, duck racing, and a side story involving Fangmei (the shrine girl at Man Mo Temple) that can all be done in Aberdeen.

its great stuff. heres links to a few faqs that will explain it all. I didnt find out about them till after I played through the game. so yes, I went and played through it again. I didnt quite believe in the duck racing thing at first, but when I got it I almost fell out of my chair. XD

duck racing, medal fights and other secrets
a more detailed guide on the Fangmei side quest

as for the Shenmue online game, I cant say I’m looking forward to it. Shenmue just doesnt seem to fit into the mmorpg catagory. how can an mmorpg continue its story? blah, give us Shenmue 3 instead dammit!

Shenmue 2… sped up the slow pace I hated in the first game, and punctuated the exploration with many more QTE set pieces. I loved the quick time events in the first game, but they were simply too few and far between.

I think everyone will agree that the graphics of the game (with realistically animated facial expressions) showcase the Dreamcast’s true power to the point where you’re forced to wonder why the console couldn’t compete with the PS2.

It’s nice to know that it would be impossible for the PS2 to fully replicate the vibrant texture-work seen throughout the game. >:)

Geez Geoof you’re really obsessed about the PS2 man :slight_smile:

Concerning the topic : after hearing so many good things about the series I decided to take a chance.I bought Shenmue 2 for the XBox.I liked the game alot and I trying to get to play the original even tho I saw the XBox movie.

There are some aspects I feel could be changed in Shenmue 2 tho.Ryu’s moves could be more fluid.Wheter you are running or figthing it seems he’s kind of blocked by an invisible barrier.I wouldn’t change the QTE’s but they aren’t really my piece of cake.Also there are a lot of things that could be included with some spare time.More jobs would be nice.

Overall it’s a great game but I think it’s not as great as it could be.

As far as Shenmue Online goes, I’m very disappointed. After finishing Shenmue 2, I immediately began to wait eagerly in anticipation for the last installment, Shenmue 3, only to hear the next game would be online. I downloaded a movie for it a while ago and screamed at how crappy the graphics look compared to Shenmue 1 and 2. Sorry Yu Sasuki, but this game looks terrible, please give us what we Shenmue fans deserve a fitting conclusion to this great and beloved series, called Shenmue 3! :anjou_sad:

I loved the Shenmue series, they were truely great games :anjou_love:

I’ve pretty much given up hope of seeing Shenmue 3, though…

As for Shenmue online, it has the potential to be… um, alright, I guess, but there are a tonne of other series’ out there that would translate to the MMORPG genre a lot better than it.

Oh, and before I forget, did anyone else get the Solowing capsule toy? That was a really nice surprise :anjou_happy:

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You should know by now that I never miss an opportunity to highlight the inadequacies of the Playstation 2. >:) It was hyped up to be a console that would revolutionize gaming after all, when in reality it turned out to be not that much more powerful than the 16 month older Dreamcast.

It’s not really fair to criticise Shenmue Online because its graphics may not be as polished as the main games - remember that it is intended for ONLINE play. In all honesty, could your computer ever successfully render the entire world of Shenmue in its full magnificent, beauteous, resplendent, lavish and iridescent majesty, plus several thousand players and many more NPCs, on dialup? Thought not. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whilst I tend to view those who see fit to excoriate Shenmue Online in the same way I lambasted Parn and Tycho’n’Gabe (I sent them a formal Letter Of Complaint regarding their “Potentially Offensive Insights” comic - they haven’t replied) over Shadow of a Hedgehog - wait until you play it first, you nitwits! :anjou_angry: - even if, for the sake of argument, Shenmue Online is a bad game then we needn’t be unduly concerned about it. Shenmue Online is quite literally nothing but a cash cow (but a well-designed, thoughtful, engrossingly playable cash cow, obviously) - it won’t be released outside China and Korea, where the passion for MMORPGs threatens to surpass the United Church of Starcraft.

Before you all commence complaining that Sega is degrading itself to the level of Electronic ‘Arts’, however, bear in mind that Shenmue Online has been created so that Yu Suzuki can gain the financial outlay to produce Shenmue III! :anjou_love:

So, good or bad (and it’s most likely to be good - Shenmue is Yu Suzuki’s baby, he won’t settle for anything less than perfection), it’s in your interest to want Shenmue Online to succeed. Time to crank the spin machine into hurricane velocities… sigh where are Labour Party lemmings when you need them?

I love Shenmue so much that I can’t play through the games while knowing that there isn’t a Shenmue III in production. There’s really not much point in going into why, but Shenmue II is one of the best five games I’ve played.

As far as I’m concerned now, the series is nothing without a proper ending. Shenmue Online would sink like a paper boat if released in the west so it’s good that Sega are trying to limit costs for a change. However I don’t really see it as being able to make enough money to ensure a proper sequel. I’m not exactly sure how much money it takes to make an MMORPG but I would take a wild guess that it’s more than what would be needed for a normal RPG. Let’s hope Sega is willing to commit the same amount of money again plus a share of the profits of Shenmue Online for Shenmue III.

I hope, but it is a fool’s hope. I don’t think Shenmue III is coming (Even though there’s more chance of that than a new Panzer game), and I think it’s dispicable that Sega won’t give us an ending.

You people honestly think Shenmue 3 isn’t coming?I’m pretty sure otherwise.They can’t ruin the chance of doing a sequel.Plus why would they spend money in doing an Online Shenmue if 3 wasn’t going to be made?

Channel their energies towards a spin-off and not complete the stroy?I don’t think so.

[quote=“Gehpnaet”]You people honestly think Shenmue 3 isn’t coming?I’m pretty sure otherwise.They can’t ruin the chance of doing a sequel.Plus why would they spend money in doing an Online Shenmue if 3 wasn’t going to be made?

Channel their energies towards a spin-off and not complete the stroy?I don’t think so.[/quote]

I agree. Also Yu Suzuki has said many times taht he would not abandon the series and will strive to get Shenmue 3 in productio no matter what it takes or how long.

Perhaps Sega are just good at killing off hope.

Or you’re just an inconsolable cynic.

Or prehaps we have too many fanboys jumping to conclusions too many times.

Sega has n’t revealed the main bulk of games that they will release this and the following years yet people are UNFAIRLY writing them off.

How many companies do you know that has produced killer app titles for a failing machine for nearly three years and CONTINUE that momentum?

No one can not even Nintendo. I think a lot of Sega fans have been spoiled during the DC era that they expect a great title from Sega ALL the time.

The titles from Neo Sega since 2001 have been at best average. That’s it.
Not crap ,not dire just average. I’ve played average Sega games great Sega games and classic Sega games and even poor Sega games since playing video games in general.

I remember back in the megadrive era Sega released some pretty average
games like GALAXY FORCE 2 to fill the gap until their big guns came about.
This is essentially happening here.

Sega has revealed tidbits of games to come and every fanboy out there has jumped the gun about the quality of these titles. SHENMUE ONLINE and SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG has come under very harsh criticisim of late.

I remember that Nintendo had a dip period in the N64. Most of the games they made themselves were not considered at the time to be the of the standard Nintendo quality that fans were use to up to that point.
With several exceptions the N64 had harsher treatment than the DC did.

Yet Nintendo has bounced back since that period. Yet they still have naysayers criticise the NGC which is a decent game system. Were living in an age where no matter if the criticisim is justified or not ,people are taking potshots at companies like Sega for the sake of it like Penny Arcade.

Criticisims on games like SHINING FORCE NEO are justified because it has strayed off it’s SRPG roots. But slagging off a game which is brand new like SHADOW THE HEDGEHOG is uncalled for when no one has played the bloody thing yet and then levelling it against the whole company that they have lost their way is ridiculous.

NO ONE here has played a SHITE Sega game since 2001 to now. The majority of the games they have released have been good games and better than any of the shit that EA chucks out.

It comes down to this. Do you have faith in Sega as good game producers?
And this is what counts. I’m not talking about the politics of not releasing the full version of SF3(Which seems likely now) or funking things up or not I’m talking about what matters, the bottom line,the games. Do you honestly believe that Sega CANNOT produce a killer app title again? Does anyone believe that they cannot produce a great game anymore?

Let’s think about that before we all start claiming PA’s nonesense rant as being the truth.

[quote=“Goonboy Panzer”]
NO ONE here has played a SHITE Sega game since 2001 to now. The majority of the games they have released have been good games and better than any of the shit that EA chucks out. [/quote]

Not to say that Sega couldn’t make a good game again (agreeing with you there), but this statement above, I have to disagree with. I’ve played every Sega game released since 2001 (in the US, at least), and I can probably count the number of games that I actively enjoyed on a single hand (post DC). I might need to borrow a few fingers from my left hand, but I certainly wouldn’t need to take my socks off and use my toes.

I have only played one Sega game since 2001, that’s how crap their games have been.

Oh, please. Haven’t even played them? For more than three years? That’s hardly a paragon statement of measured empirical objectivity. All that shows is that you’ve become willing through spite to twist yourself around an obssessive-compulsive point of baseless loathing and prejudice. Stop putting your head in an unmentionable place, Shadow.

Anyway, can we keep to Shenmue?

No, that’s how crap you think them to be.THe Smilebit trio is enough to prove you wrong.

Erm… last time I checked Shenmue online isn’t being developed by AM2, so they’re not exactly pumping time nor energy into it. If that’s any console.