The return of the Instant Messenger topic

Ok, I’m kinda bored right now, so write your IM info in this topic and we’ll increase communications and stuff.

ICQ: 203834784
AIM: Arcengal
Yahoo!: Arcengal

Please note that AOL is best to try for me, and MSN is the worst.

Don’t the people that want their messenger info “public” already have them in their profile for anyone to see and add to their lists?

AIM: Dopefish Dude

AOL: SoloWingDragon
Yahoo: solo_wing_dragon
ICQ: 654… something or rather :slight_smile:

I’ve heard rumours that Google may be making it’s own IM service. As if we didn’t have enough already.

Yeah, so many instant messengers that if someone is so used to using one version, they are reluctant to start using another… I guess IRC is good but I’ve never used it, only Yahoo and that’s only now and then.

This google thing would be interested to tryout, since i am very impressed with the gmail service so far (anyone want invites?)

Anyways whenever my coputer is on, MSN is on.
AIM, ICQ, yahoo are only one when i remember to open trillian x.x so i won’t bother with those

Ah, but have you read this site, Scott?

I don’t think you’ve really got a lot to worry about, but it’s always good to read an alternative view on something.

yeah thanks solo. It was an interesting read but i don’t worry too much about it. imo the worst that could happen is that google will sell the service and i will get flooded with spam. But i think gmal would loose too many members if they allowed spam to be sent. Plus the only info they keep i think is for the text ads. I don’t really mind that so i’m happy with it :slight_smile: