The Rest of the Intro

Neil, I believe I promised to upload this for you some time ago. Here it is finally. For those who don’t know, it’s the rest of the intro of Panzer Dragoon Saga from where the incomplete intro in Orta’s Pandora’s Box left off (Craymen saying the “surprise at the capital” will go off at any minute). It goes up until the bit where Edge meets the dragon and it captured from the game (so it has subtitles).

Compressed Size: 66.5 MB
Uncompressed Size: 90.3 MB
Format: MPEG

If anyone downloads it, they’ll need WinRAR - - to uncompress it. … _intro.rar

Tell me something, does WinRAR compress better than WinZIP?

I don’t think so but WinRAR has better compatibilities I think.You can unzip pretty much everything…

w00t! thnx solo!

Aye, I know WinRAR functions with a shit load pf file types.

I think so… lets see, if I zipped it that same file is 67.1 MB. So it’s slightly smaller.

I have to say that the quality of that video could have been a bit better. If you look closely there are faint lines running across it. I think I need to get an AV cable.

Does it have artifacts? Artifacts should die a slow and painfull death.

Ultimate Zip can decompress pretty much every format imaginable (for example ever heard of .lzh? Format often used in japanese freeware games:) it’s what I use. It can’t compress in as many formats but I only use it to decompress since I’m on dial up and never send any big files anyway.
Winrar I think compresses a little better than winzip depending on the type of file always ofcourse…Not sure tho :slight_smile:
Either way…this thread reminded me of my loss :frowning:
I had ALL Panzer MP3s from The Camp as well as loads of other Sega MP3s and Game trailers and adverts including Panzer Dragoon Saga trailers and adverts and I lost em all cos of stupid windows :frowning:


Artifacts = The things that make jpegs look shitty.

Windows = an OS you should never keep large files on.

Question: at the name entry screen, what happens when you select “No, it is not” when the game asks you if it’s your real name you entered?

It just asks you to enter you name in again… nothing special.

ah, man, I can’t see the rest of the intro cos it’s made especially for windows…or PCs whatever, but for me just comes up as a load of text…would have taken a damn long time to load up, 66.5 MB…geez.

oh, yeah, I forget how to get that little box thing to come up in PDS and play music or whatever it does, and those baby coolias dance dont they? someone enlighten me here.

You have to complete the game and go into ‘Box Game’

Macs should be able to play mpegs alright, although you might need to download some sort of media player to run them. But, if I may ask, why do you want to see it again if you’ve already played Saga? :slight_smile:

Berserker, try right-clicking and select “Save Link Target As.”

Also, Windows Media Player plays the file fine for me. Sound works good in Winamp too, although I can’t get any picture in Winamp =/

Windows Media Player is probably your best bet.

Winamp is a wanky video player.

So is Windows Media Player imo. Quicktime pwns!

…I hope thats a joke?

DivX is the best one I’ve used so far.