The "Post your Desktop" Topic

Of course no desktops in (

I’m so basic.

please tell me thats not really your desktop

It is o.O What’s wrong with it? I reformatted a month ago and haven’t been bothered to look for wallpaper o.o

just the fact that you are playing furcadia x.x
i hate that game

“Playing” isn’t really the word. I just socialise. But why do you hate it?

i was in search of an MMORPG, and then in this game i walked into a room full of animals talking and roleplayeing… My friend who was leading the MMORPG search saw it and got banned from it. I just left. I prefer graal :slight_smile:

Well, it’s where I met the lady in my avatar, so it’s got my affections =P

Where did you get that cool theme for your desktop, Scott? I’ve been thinking about customising my desktop for a while now, as it’s easy to get bored of the standard Windows ones.

I’d post my own desktop, but it’s not hooked up to the net right now.

Well i changed from the default Explorer Shell to a shell called "Aston"
Once you get used to the changes its good! I like it a lot now. if you’re interested

It looks nice. I’ll try it out when I get home.

my simple little Desktop. The beautiful picture is found on Deviant art, although I cannot remember the artist’s name. … esktop.txt

I love dark, but colourful images like that.

for some strange reason… the picture is a textfile x.x

The strange reason is to fool geocities and make it allow direct linking of the file here…

well… all i get is a bunch of text in notepad

Try opening it with Paint, or Photoshop, that should do the trick. Either that or rename the file extension to .jpg .png or .bmp

Okay, here’s the desktop that I use at my course (not my personal PC). It needs tidying up a bit…

Thats tidy for me. My old desktop was filled with icons. I dumped them in a folder called “Old Desktop”. Not to mention there are folders in those of even older desktops x.x

Well heres mine:

as you can see, on close inspection I was listening to: 80’s Foreigner - I Want You To Know What Love ls Shame I only noticed that until I hosted it. I have 3 hard drives, but only use 1 mainly nowadays thats the picture of it.