The Panzer Dragoon Academy Awards

The Official Panzer Dragoon Academy Awards Website

The awards are now officially open. The above site contains a short commentary / description on each award (something I intended to do last year but never got around to it) as well as a link for voting (which should be more reliable that last years form). It’s your choice whether or not you read the site, obviously. Voting will be open for a massive three weeks, and no, you cannot vote for yourself in any award. You also have to vote in each category or I’ll either chase you up or cancel your votes completely. The exception to this rule are the Fanciable awards. If you’re male you don’t have to vote in the male award, and if you’re female you don’t have to vote in the female one. You can though, if you wish.

Instead of going to the site to click the voting link you can copy and paste the following form into an email or PM to send to me. Replies to this thread with votes will NOT be allowed. You’ll have to email / PM them to me like everyone else =)

Your TWOTA Login Name:
Most Creative Forum Member:
Most Informative Forum Member:
Most Underrated Forum Member:
Most Reliable Forum Member:
Friendliest Forum Member:
Most Likeable Newcomer:
Forum Member with the Best Avatars:
Forum Member with the Best Signatures:
Most Fanciable Male:
Most Fanciable Female:
Most Interesting Use of the English Language:
Spammer of the Year:
Wackiest Forum Member:
Best Fan Fiction:
Best Theory:
Favourite Character - Edge vs Azel?

Looks great Shadow :slight_smile:

I’ll send you my votes in a PM momentarily

The first votes are in… and they aren’t Neil’s. GET TO IT YOU SLACKER =)


Yes, the smiling poster above me was this years quickest. He wins… a night out with Gehn =D


Unsendunsendunsend…come on, damn Yahoo!!

XD have fun TSE!

Just a quick thing Neil brought to my attention - the Best Newcomer category. “New” refers to members who joined up since the last awards.

Four votes in so far. Mine, TSE’s, Neil’s, and Gehn’s.
Already two categories appear to be whitewashes, with everyone voting for the same person. They might not be expected categories either =P

So far then, two categories are 4-0, two have two members being equal on votes, six have one member leading 2-1-1 and the remaining six are all 1-1-1-1.


These are the most common scores. Obviously I’m giving out any more information XP

Votes recieved now from Dopefish, Daz, Arcie and Geoffrey.

Shadow, did you get mine? Just wondering since I had sent it almost a full day before your most recent post. (I know a day is not normally something worth worrying over, but I don’t usually use PMs on these boards. ^^)

Am I the only one who thinks winning the “most underrated forum member” award is pretty dumb? That’s like being the world’s tallest midget or most sucessful failure.

Yeah, I got yours Rune LAi o.o For some reason I didn’t see it at first though >.<

And the underated member award is meant to bring people to our attention.

Or George Bush winning the Nobel Peace Prize…oh wait!..

Due to site maintenance (or “cleaning” as Solo puts it) and other constraints placed on our time, we haven’t been given the opportunity to add a second theories index page to the theories section (there are currently 25 theories listed in the current index page).

You can find Lance’s Different Dragons Theory here, and Solo Wing Dragon’s Wedged Gun Theory here.

Hey, we midget failures need something to hope for.

Just to confirm, votes recieved from (in order!):

Rune Lai
Geoffrey Duke
Solo Wing Dragon

A record breaking 13 votes ladies and gentlemen, I thank you ^^ Keep them coming =) And on a side note, thanks to Solo for hosting the site <3

You’re not going to hunt down those who don’t vote are you Shadow? :slight_smile:

You know me too well o.o

Cool, the awards are actually catching on this year (Maybe next year we’ll have 23 votes :D)