The one and only update topic

Well, I have taken everyone’s advice and I have made a topic to inform everyone of my future updates at This will be the only topic I use for my updates, so please go easy on me. So, now for my next update:

I’ll be sure to check it out. :anjou_happy:

By the way, I believe SegaXtreme is not downgrading - just moving to a new server. I may be wrong, but this is what I’ve heard. Check this topic for details.

Handy topic, by the way!


i’m pretty sure none of use were experiencing any link difficulty

Well, some links were down for around 5 months.

oh, must have not noticed that :anjou_happy:

P.S. I’m currently working on a full blown PDS guide. It will have complete numbered maps from every area in the game, with the items locations corresponding to the numbers. In regard to the location maps, I will also include the complete world map in its entirty, with locations list, as well as Craymenns Route, and Empire Route world maps. Probably within 2 months, I should be finished with the complete guide. I’m taking my time to make my PDS guide as good as possible and of the best quality. I’m using your secrets guide as a reference Lance, for my PDS guide. It will be entirely my own work, with my own screen shots and such.

I’d say the Juba’s Corner bit is a lot nicer now that it’s your own unique summaries, so good stuff. The PDS guide with screenshots and maps sounds like a very big undertaking too, so good look pulling all that together.

The line of credit you’ve given me in your guide is fine, by the way. The PDS gudies I’ve done represent an awful lot of work, as I was patient enough (or boring enough, heh) to work out all of the exact details and information in them myself, without relying on anything from other sources. That was a silly amount of trial-and-error work exploring the game and working out exactly when and how and why things happen, so credit for that work is definitely appreciated; as I’m not exactly charging or anything, it’s all I really get, heh. =)

Good to hear about the impending doom of the popups, too.

Thanks, Lance. It certainly is a gigantic undertaking, that’s for sure. But I’m dedicated and will be taking my time. Anyways, do you happen to know the answer to the other topic I made titled " A PDS related question for Lance Way" I wrote out to you in the topic index?

I was also thinking about changing the name of the site when I move it to a new host. My first thought was " The Panzer Dragoon Saga Oasis". Does that sound okay?, or could I name it something else? I’m having a hard time thinking of names related to PDS for the renaming of my site. Any suggestions? I would be very greatful if someone could think of a great name for my site. Your help would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

just a little thing, i think you should actually add a link to lances secret guide, cos otherwise some people might have no idea what you’re talking about…

Aye, I guess a link would make sense, as I’m not really a household name. =) As your site grows, you’ll get more and more people reading it who haven’t heard of, and wouldn’t know what those credits referred to, so links would definitely help in that case. Any links needn’t be big or intrusive though, just hyperlinks in the “special thanks” text you’ve written would be absolutely fine, for example:

Special thanks to Lance Way, his secrets guide was a great reference when writing my PDS Guide.

Special thanks to Lance Way for his work on the PDS scripts which were a great help in creating the conversations with Juba.

…or however you feel would look best in your page layout. As for site names, if you’re not happy with the Oasis idea, you could always just name it after a location in Panzer Dragoon Saga that no-one else has used for a site / web page yet. Things like The Seekers’ Stronghold / The Imperial Academy / The Town of Zoah have kind of been used already, but some decent things are still free, like The Village of Cainus, The Ruins of Uru, The Forest of Zoah, The Imperial Capital, and so on. That can also open avenues like having a site design based around the idea of the place, which can potentially be very nice. :anjou_happy:

Okay, adding the links to your content in the special thanks sections would be no problem. I’ll add the links in as soon as I get a chance. And as names for the site go, I think I’ll stick with “The Panzer Dragoon Saga Oasis” It just sounds more catchy.

Yeah, “The Panzer Dragoon Saga Oasis” sounds good to me. There aren’t a lot of places to find PD information on the net, so the idea of classing your site as an oasis makes sense from that perspective too… a place where people can read about Panzer Dragoon Saga in a desert of non-Panzer websites.

The only problem I see is that “The Panzer Dragoon Saga Oasis” a bit of a mouthful, but it could easily be shortened when referring to it, so it isn’t really a big deal.

Cheers for that legaiaflame, and yeah, The Panzer Dragoon Saga Oasis sounds like a fine name; as Solo said, it has a distinctive identity to it, and memorable-ness is definitely a good thing for a name.

Okay, “The Panzer Dragoon Saga Oasis” it is then!
The version of the site will stay up for the entirety of my semester, so just go here to get to the main page.

Hey… thanks for putting up all that stuff.

I finally got to see Saga’s ending again… so heartwrenching. Been searching for it for ages. The significance of the child…

Do you happen to have a higher quality version of it?

Watched the OVA too… is plagued with the most common problem - poor voice acting/dubbing. If they had just retained the original voice acting with english subtitles, it would have been so much better. The only good voice was the tower.

Yeah, I could put a higher version on the site in the near future. But hell, it would take forever to download. The versions I have up now are most convenient for 56k dial up Internet users. I’ll make a mental note.

Guys, what do you think of my new home page?! The Panzer Saga Oasis is here! Check it out,

It’s ok… The cloud doesn’t look exactly natural… The character doesn’t really fit in at all with his pose… And the logo on the top doesn’t really fit in either.

if that’s what you are talking about atleast cos the only banner I saw was ads, that image looks more like a splash screen sort of thing…

For the rest of your website, the structure reminds me of lagi’s art site but you need to do some serious rearranging imo… Rather than have so many buttons on one page requiring such scrolling just to see them all, simply divide them in a few sections with a few buttons within each…

Many of the buttons should be optimized more in file size and the letters should be clearer also.

Intros usually appear when you first go to the website in its main page rather than be externally linked from the navigation… Which is why they are calling intros on first place…

Some syntax/grammar/whatever checking is in order too I hope as there are some common mistakes to be found even within your theories (it’s instead of its etc)…