The one and only update topic

Al3xand3r wrote:

[quote]It’s ok… The cloud doesn’t look exactly natural… The character doesn’t really fit in at all with his pose… And the logo on the top doesn’t really fit in either.

Okay, I think it looks a lot better now. I changed the Oasis from day to night, fixed the Logo, (more suiting to the surroundings) and I have made the cloud more life like. I also moved the Seeker Coolia to the side a bit, to hide his awkward leg.


Just wanted to say, radical site!

Hay, thanks. I’m still hard at work making my PDS guide. Here is what I have so far, I’m on disc 2, still a ways to go still
What do you guys think so far? I found a pretty good web host too! :anjou_happy: