The next PD game should be

…released in which system(s)? Please state why.

Multisystem for me. It will sell better and more people will have access to it.

Edit.: I forgot to put the multisystem option. DUH! Well my second choice will be Xbox2 then. I believe that MS will do it right the next time.

Xbox 2. You have the fan base there. It’d mean something to the fans in terms of loyalty. Plus also, the hardware for Xbox 2 will probably be stronger than what Sony and Nintendo will cook up.

Xbox 2 also, mainly for the reasons Shadow posted.

However, as SegaTecToy suggested, a multisystem release would definitely generate more recognition and sales, which is what the PD series is seriously lacking. Just look how well Sonic Heroes did across all three consoles, it got to #1.

Xbox 2, because I’d probably get lynched for saying something else.

I’d go with multisystem myself, for the sake of profit…

On the other hand tho, my evil side tells me that he only wants it to come out on XBox 2 so that only a few people can get it…

(thus ensuring the immortality of the PD mystique…)

Edit.: I forgot to put the multisystem option. DUH![/quote]

Edit the poll then!

Can I edit the poll if votes are already placed?

You can’t edit a poll at all, as far as I’m aware.

I seem to be able to edit it (with my much-underused mod status, at least). I’ve added the multisystem option for you, STT; I gathered you’d want me to.

And yeah, I’d vote for multisytem (next-gen multisystem) as well, if only to spread the Panzer Dragoon word. Personally I think I’d be buying the Xbox 2 version though, as - if the current consoles are anything to go by - Microsoft’s next machine will probably be slightly more powerful once again.

Ah, so that’s why I can’t edit my own polls on the holy district. IT can only be done by mods.

It’s allright. Thanks Lance. vive le mod powers :slight_smile:

Multisystem. I don’t want to run the risk of having to buy a new system just for one game.

I’m a selfish bastard, so sue me.


All next-gen consoles will be able to bring a Panzer Dragoon to it’s right in terms of music and graphics.
So I want the next Panzer Dragoon to sell, good. Mutlie would then be the best choise, but I have something against multie platform games. I think each console needs it’s own identity.

Though, I don’t really care that much since I will be getting all systems :slight_smile:

Well Sony and great Sega masterpieces don’t match imo…

Sony and masterpieces don’t fit in any way, shape or form, never mind when Sega is involved.

I put down multi-system. I’m not in such a frenzy for another Panzer game as I was before Orta came out (still haven’t played it…should be playing it around August though), but if one does come out, I’d like to see it on many consoles, so the fanboys can’t claim it’s an exclusive that makes their console great.

even with the multisystem option i’d still say xbox 2 or maybe even xbox (for special unlockables accessible by having a winged death save file on your hard drive like me :D). i think the game needs to be made with one system in mind and one demographic in mind.

and i think that if they put it on ps2 they would feel the need to dumb it down- not saying that all the games or the players of the ps2 are dumbed down, but look at what they did to virtual on: marz… in an effort to get sales to the casual gamer demographic they dumbed it down so much they should have called it virtual on: training wheels :frowning:

and if it were on the ps2, they might actually “kiddie” it up. i don’t really consider the gamecube a “kiddie” system but i think the developers do. i saw some screenshots of the final fantasy game that square is putting on it… the characters actually look like babies.

the xbox hasn’t really developed what its style is going to be other than more mature than the other two systems, so that gives smilebit/AV/whoever is going to make it the most freedom to stick with the panzer themes.

another question to ask is: which do you want next? a shooter or an rpg?

there seems to be a lot of saga fans here and i don’t know how they would vote, but i would like to see another shooter. maybe an rpg after that, orta entered the panzer universe into a new era, with new possibilities, and new styles (which seem to have caused some controversy). i think they need at least one more shooter to build the foundation for this new world before they have an RPG break it all down again.

but it’s folly to even think that far ahead as we’ll be lucky to even see another PD game anytime soon :frowning:

That’s probably what would happen. But you know that system would have to be the weakest hardware wise =/

Xbox, because I don’t want to wait for Xbox 2.

I definitely want it on all of the next-gen systems during the 2006 launch.